Summary of the story titled The Golden Suit

Summary of the story titled The Golden Suit being written by Anthony J Williams, born 03 Dec 1951.


It looked like a suit of armour blended with a space suit and glowed gold in the darkness of night, on the edge of the forest near where John had erected his tent not far from the crop circle. His deductions regarding the communication by mathematic symbols but the lack of any language, pointing to an off world source. He had begun with basic numbers with corresponding words adjacent to the large white dishes he had laid out. After the nearby response that following night he had formulated the minimum visible scale and progressed to images with words and more advanced numbers.

The standing but immovable suit had opened to him but he could only enter it once fully unclothed, the suit immediately but gently enveloping him in a full contact non wet liquid substance, except for eyes, nose and mouth. He could see heightened detail of the dark night surroundings as though it were in bright daylight and just by looking more intently zoom in on incredible detail. A few minutes later his mind linked with the ancient off world Explorer ‘Pan’ who soon learned from John the sound of the written words and could begin full understandable communications.

Pan was the last survivor of the original Seven Explorers who were tracing the worlds of the Progenitor and had landed on Earth. Their teachings of the enhanced humans were interrupted two and a half thousand years later by the attack by the aggressive Magog, another space faring race who had followed their trails, intent on finding the Progenitor first. Pan had warning of their attack while sampling above Mars, managing to escape to one of the moons of Jupiter, diving into a deep crevice and blasting rock behind him for full concealment. Damage destroyed any chance of his craft’s future travel in space. Probes revealed massive destruction of both the Magog (one captured and confined) but also many of the Explorers and all their space faring ships on Earth.

Three explorers had survived to continue their great works, but by the time the ice comet arrived, three thousand years later, dropping thousands of cubic miles of water in massive destructive floods, destroying civilisations and most land life on earth, only two Explorers survived in stasis within their concealed mountain chambers. There would be communication, including with the few remaining enhanced humans, but no rescue for Pan. All communication with Pan ceased finally 523 AD as the remaining Explorer agreed to go into long sleep stasis.

John would now have the task of teaching and leading mankind, through his connection with Pan. The golden suit itself was indestructible and imbued with immense powers, including anti gravity and flight. It was feared that the Magog may have survived in its confinement, but also a deeper hope that Pan’s sister Explorer in the chambers miles above, was still alive in her life support stasis. The mission begins.

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