Deductions of Life and the Universe

My Deductions on Life and the Universe and search for ‘Universal Truths’

As a ‘layman’ I have attempted the search for ‘universal truths’. Below is a précis of some possibly controversial deductions I have made, followed by a more comprehensive treaty explaining these deductions.

Considerations and deductions on universal matter, energy, light and life, including the following:

·   The furthermost galaxies may not be moving away faster than those closer to us, or in fact at all.

I believe that light undergoes a stretching Doppler type effect with increasing distance (as with longer wavelength), so the further away the light source, the faster it seems that the source is moving away from us. Therefore there is most probably no ‘Big Bang’ start point and the galaxies are not moving away from any such point. Please read in detail below.

·    Space is ‘solid’ in terms of the energy medium controlling the speed of light. Break this energy field to travel through space faster than the speed of light.

Electricity travels at different speeds through different mediums, such as copper wire, aluminium etc. The medium controls the speed. The fact that light travels at the same speed through the universe, whether initialized by a gentle flame or massive explosion, hints at the probability that there is an energy medium permeating the universe, effectively controlling the speed of light. If this energy medium can be interrupted around an object, such as a rocket, then the speed of light may be exceeded.

·   Light travels in a straight line and is not bent by gravity but only by matter such as gas and dust.

I question the two-dimensional examples used to prove mass bending space and light propounded of a ball bearing sitting on a sheet, where the ‘weight’ of the ball bearing on the sheet effect other objects placed on the sheet, which roll down toward the ball bearing; the example uses ‘gravity’ on the ball bearing and furthermore space is 3 dimensional so the example is false in both respects. The example makes even less sense as a proof or theorem when you consider two objects in space such as pencils, coming together by attraction, or liquid into a sphere. The example of seeing a star, that is actually slightly behind the sun, during an eclipse, is no different to light diffracted through the air as with a mirage. I believe it is gas around the sun creating this diffraction of light, and not gravity bending light. I do not accept at this time that gravity has any effect on light. However if the gravity of a large mass is proven to have an effect on the ‘solid’ energy medium of space that I describe, (i.e. that solidness that controls the speed of light) then perhaps light may bend with this ‘solid’ medium of space. If gravity itself effected the direction or speed of light, then how does light radiate out from a large gravitational source such as a star with no measurable reduction in speed or curvature?

·    By spinning energy into atoms, mass, attraction (gravity) and repulsion are created. Time is independent of the creation of atoms.

It is difficult to imagine, with any high probability, how atoms came into being. Were they created by a ‘shock wave’ across a pre matter universe stressed with an energy potential? Are we capable of producing an atom? Once atoms came into being, their ‘spins’ created mass, attraction (gravity) and repulsion between atoms. Because a state must have existed before their creation it is a logical deduction that time is independent of matter and light.

·   Time is not effected by speed or approaching the speed of light.

Objects and living entities will no doubt be effected by acceleration or by being spun rapidly, but it is more probable that the effects shown on time pieces and organisms is due to inertia affecting the atoms and cells involved, and not that that time itself has slowed down. As a school boy I imagined a rocket moving away from earth at close to the speed of light, where after many years worth of light moving away from earth the rocket was still moving with the light from that first ‘day’ so theoretically and relatively the rocket (and anyone on board) was less than one day old compared to many years passing on earth. However turning around and returning to earth that same rocket would then have to move back through all the years passing on earth, ageing more rapidly than those on earth and arriving at the same time and age as those on earth. Of course the presumption of the ageing on the rocket being slower than on earth is nonsense, and due to linking actual time to the speed of light. The time passing on both would remain identical.

·  Life cannot have come into existence without ‘intelligent’ design.

The DNA/RNA ‘Unit of Life’ exists in every form of life on this planet. There is no earlier or simpler version in existence and that is because only the complexities in the model we have, may allow life to exist at all! The presently incomprehensible ‘software’ in the Unit of Life has allowed the creation of every form of life, every species, intelligent adaption within every species, communication between cells, ‘telepathic’ communication between individually separate complex organisms (refer examples plants, brine shrimp etc further on), highly probable control over non living matter to ensure an atmosphere in which life thrives as a whole. It seems highly probable that there is also an ‘energy’ or ‘spirit’ blueprint in every form of life, determining the position and function of each cell, to become part of a toenail, nerve, blood cell, sperm etc. Even when we develop the ability to mimic the position of every atom or molecule of a genetic DNA strand, mankind cannot even make a simple seed or form of life without using bits of the existing Units of Life. Because we cannot measure or copy the ‘spirit’ or ‘energy’ blueprints, or the ‘telepathic’ ability to communicate between cells, it is highly improbable (impossible) that we will ever be able to create functioning and replicating life of any sort.

The possibility of even relatively simple items coming into existence by chance, such as a sealed can of coke, newspaper, tennis ball, would undoubtedly be considered zero, even over billions of years. The possibility of a functioning microwave oven, car or computer is equally impossible without manufacture by intelligent beings. And yet the most amazingly complex and incomprehensible design of the “unit of Life’, way beyond our understanding, is arrogantly considered by many to have just come about by chance. Just a bit of mud and lightning and other mumbo jumbo and behold…! An ant would have a better chance of understanding how a tv set is made. Life had to be created by an intelligence beyond our limited understanding. Whether or not we can ever communicate with that intelligence is another matter entirely.

More detailed explanation of my considerations leading to the above deductions.

  • I write from my own thoughts and deductions and unfortunately very little study of other peoples work and opinions. I have heard of theories by Darwin on evolution and about the Gaia hypothesis with regard to the planet as one interacting entity of sorts but I have not read anything written by either author, nor from scientists like Einstein. My opinion and deductions come from bits of information that I am exposed to since birth such as conversations, newspaper articles, magazines, science fiction books etc. However even without the ‘proper’ education in the fields I comment on, I feel that I am blessed with an ability to rapidly connect ideas and information to create new possibilities mainly through deducing through optional paths of thought, until the most ‘probable’ truths emerge. Whether these probabilities prove to be correct over time is anyone’s guess but I feel the drive to write them down. I regret not regularly writing down my thoughts over time, across a wide spectrum of so many areas of life, include new inventions I think of, comment on politics and systems of government, universal truths, possible links of the ancient world to off world visitation (highly advanced mathematics of some ancient structures such as the pyramids of Giza and Darshur, Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill etc), but I am a very lazy and totally sporadic ideas man. However I am now writing for me but with the hope that someone else will someday find something of interest in some of my layman deductions.

Now, back to the subject matter:-

I strongly believe that the universe is a living intelligent ‘entity’ existing on at least the following three levels;

  1. i) Matter and the consequential balanced forces of gravity and repulsion. Matter consists of atoms, effectively spinning perpetual motion ‘machines’,possibly creating time (and working within this fixed relationship with time), gravity (gravitational attraction to each other atom), and repulsion (against other atoms). Time, mass, gravity and repulsion may be created by the process of this spinning atomic energy. To clarify, perhaps atoms are spinning spheres of energy; energy(ies) that have ‘somehow’ been ‘forced’ into this spin, which in turn thereby creates repulsion and attraction (gravity) thus creating what we know of as mass. I believe that matter as we know it consists of and has been created from energy;- this energy has somehow been made to spin to create what we perceive of as atoms, which in turn creates both localized gravity and repulsion. How an atom comes into existence is a mystery which I would love resolved in my mind. Is mankind able yet to create an atom? I must research further because at present there are theories on separate entities or parts of an atom including protons and electrons (with related positive and negative characteristics), neutrons etc, which may not tie in with the concept of making a ‘universal energy’ go into a spin. Can these two theories co-exist?
  • Returning to ‘normal accepted’ terminology, electrons do not slow down in their motion around the nucleus of the atom, i.e. the spinning of an atom does not slow down or come to a halt, except during an atomic explosion. (Some believe otherwise but have failed to prove so at this time). The enormous forces of energy released when atoms are split brings into focus the wonder of the atom and that such could come into existence in the first place. Could man ever build or even conceive of building just one such ‘machine’?
  • All matter as we know it (solid, liquid and gas), consists of these atoms in their countless numbers and the greater the number in proximity the greater the combined gravitational attraction. These same forces of gravity and repulsion, including magnetism, must totally permeate every cubic millimeter of the universe, and as a copper wire dictates the speed of the flow of energy or electricity as we know it, perhaps so does the volume of these (and other?) permeating forces in the universe dictate and control the speed of light and other transmissions. If this is correct then only by creating a ‘tunnel’ or space through which these forces cannot permeate will the speed of light be exceeded and anti-gravity be discovered. Interrupting this permeation around a vehicle should allow the speed of light to be exceeded, in fact probably an unlimited speed could be achieved.
  1. ii) Transmissions of energy. Energy transmissions such as light have no mass because they are not spinning machines like the atom and are therefore not bound by the consequent gravity and repulsion possibly created by but certainly effecting the atom. Consider this; It is incredible that light from every point on the suns surface, or reflection off the moons surface can travel such a distance and be seen by the eye. If you move your eye one centimeter or many miles from that point you can still see all the surface light of the sun or moon facing you. To receive all these surface points of light in different eye locations means that each tiny point of light on that visible surface must radiate out in all directions in an immensely concentrated or compact form (imagine as ever expanding balloons or spheres), crossing through the light radiating out from every other tiny surface point of light without being effected at all. For all of these billions of points of light to all reach every square millimeter of this planets facing surface, having to cross through those billions of other emissions (expanding spheres) of light, each without discernable ‘spread’ is truly remarkable. If the light from all these surface points spread even a few millimeters over the 93 million miles traveled from the sun to Earth, then if one moved ones eye a fraction one way or another, parts of the surface would not be constantly visible. This means therefore that every radiating point of light not only radiates spherically from its emission point in all directions through each other spherical bubble of light, but that the concentration of light on every square millimeter of the ‘surface’ of each of these spherically continually radiating bubbles, is so concentrated, that even with each spherical bubble expanding to a 93 million mile radius (ie witnessed on Earth from the sun) there is still enough concentration of light from that initial surface emission point on every square millimeter of that 93 million mile radius bubble to be seen by the eye. Of course we must realize that there is a constant stream of these radiating spheres of light from every source, so gaps may be closed to an extent by following constant ‘ballooning’ spheres of light, but to provide a perceptibly constant source of light from such a massive distance, as say the sun, is more than remarkable and worth contemplating how light might actually function. Consider more spectacularly the ability of light from distant stars many many light years distant.

Light and the ability to perceive light sources such as stars is a real mystery to contemplate. Consider expanding balloons or spheres of light radiating out from each light source, crossing unaffected through all other expanding spheres of light, to reach our eyes. As mentioned above contemplate the ability for light to remain visible from a star many light years distant: when you move your eye a few millimeters side to side you can still see light from this star, which means that even after such vast distances the light from this star covers every millimeter of the surface of each expanding sphere, especially after considering that this light has passed through other expanding spheres of light from this star and other stars millions and billions of times over and yet remains in a dense enough cluster for every square millimeter of its expanding sphere ‘surface’, when hitting the earths surface to remain visible. If the expanding spheres of light had become stretched or separated into multiple points or bits of light with large gaps between as this sphere expanded to say 25 light years across for a star 12.5 light years away then one would expect the star to become visible and then disappear erratically as one moves ones eyes from side to side. Of course there would be a continuous stream of light moving spherically outward but even with some overlap one would still experience something of this effect.

Important note: I believe that the compactness of light visible to us on the face of an expanding sphere of light, must eventually be ‘stretched’ when this expanding sphere becomes a massive number of light years across. I believe this ‘stretching’ effect may be understood as similar to the ‘doppler’ effect of stretching wavelengths. I believe that light acts in a 3 dimensional way within the ‘solid’ medium in space through which it travels and which controls it’s speed. With vast distances I believe that light slows down, simultaneously stretching forwards and outwards within this medium. Astronomists presently interpret this increased wavelength as the speed at which stars or galaxies are moving away from us. They are puzzled at why the further away the galaxies, the faster they seem to be moving away. If my theory mentioned above is correct then they may not be moving away at all, but only LOOK as though they are, due to light ‘stretching’ more with distance away. That is why the further away the source of light, the faster it looks as though it is moving away, when in fact the source is not moving at all. This, if true, will destroy the theory of the ‘big bang’. Galaxies may not be moving away at all.

It is truly astounding that our eyes can distinguish each star separately, simultaneously, and in ‘fixed’ locations rather than seeing stars seemingly disappearing or changing location, which very clearly means that light is traveling in very straight lines, but retaining constant compactness;- i.e. if light moved about in a ‘waving’ curve over such distance then the star origins of that light would seem to come in from different directions and therefore look as though the stars are jumping about in space. Light changes direction through matter such as a glass prism, water, air and no doubt dust or ice clouds in space. I do not know that light is curved by gravity, and do not believe so, but need to research this further. Light would however be effected by the ‘solid’ medium through which it travels and which controls it’s speed, so if this medium is effected by gravity or other cause, then the light would bend or change direction with this medium. It may be that understanding the phenomenon of ‘light’ is the means to resolving anti-gravity

We have no understanding of why the speed of light is constant through space whether originating from a gentle glow or bursting from a mammoth exploding star. Why would it travel at the same speed if there were no resistance? What comes to mind is that space is therefore solid in terms of the fields that effect the speed of light, in much the same way as the speed of electricity is constant through a particular type of wire such as copper but differs in another material.

Alternatively to the deductions above, perhaps the speed of light is dictated only by its universally determined release speed at its source (i.e. speed of light) and because it has no mass is not slowed down by the forces of gravity and repulsion. However I believe it more likely that light speed is controlled by the ‘solid’ medium permeation of space as described above.

iii) Life forces. Within the matrices of time, matter, gravity and repulsion forces and non-matter energy transmissions such as light, there is purposeful intelligence; i.e. the yet invisible controlling life force blueprint in each living thing that instructs the location and function of each cell in the body from the only known common denominator to all life, the DNA and RNA ‘machine of life’. This ‘machine of life’ mechanism at the heart of all living things is immensely complex and must be fully created and functioning before any life could begin. There is no sign of how this ‘machine of life’ could have reached this required full function, because unless it was fully functional to start with, it could not live or reproduce to evolve. To imagine that this ‘machine of life’ could have come about by chance as a fully functioning machine for life is not plausible. Even to consider a far less complicated item such as a working computer with power and software fully functioning, coming into existence by chance, is obviously ludicrous. Or even a copy of a sealed can of coke. Furthermore, for all the forms of life to adapt and evolve from this earliest machine of life (if that is what happened), this would further indicate that the potential, purpose as well as the possible directions for all life forms was inherent in the ‘software’ of this earliest DNA/ RNA ‘blueprint’. The adaptions from this same ‘machine’ to survive in the various environments of this planet, furthermore to have a balancing effect to maintain conditions suitable for life on this planet (eg production of the right levels of oxygen), and ‘evolve’ such complex beings as ourselves would also have to have been written into the blueprint of this amazing base of life. Again I repeat that it could not have come into existence by chance.

There is evidence also to suggest strongly that there is a ‘telepathic’ life force at work between cells in a body (eg the yet unidentified instruction to direct the mass of identical split cells in an embryo to take up position and function in particular areas as part of an eye or skin or eardrum etc) as well as between plants, insects, fish and animals. Various tests on plants have shown reaction from plants in the vicinity of a plant that is being damaged. Tests on brine shrimp have shown reaction from other brine shrimp when one of them is thrown into boiling water. Tests on rabbits have shown the reaction of the mother rabbit when one of its babies is damaged or killed many miles away. The blueprint for this communication or telepathic life force must also have been written into the original life base to allow the potential for it to exist at all. It is therefore highly likely that all life on this planet communicates at a level that we are little aware of and that all life is acting in a balance to ensure survival at the deepest level.

Apart from the obvious intelligent adaption to the environment within a species, if evolution across species, from simple to complex forms of life as we understand it, is a fact, then complex intelligent creatures such as ourselves were part of the potential, purpose or plan written into the earliest DNA/ RNA ‘machine of life’ and its controlling ‘total living planet blueprint’, and that all life on this planet acts in a balance to ensure the survival of the whole. The ability of life to keep the necessary atmospheric conditions on the planet to the required balanced level for survival of the whole indicates quite strongly that life can assess non-living matter (as we know it) and adjust the levels of this matter to ensure survival, such as the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. This ability must be written into the ‘machines of life’, and is another powerful indicator that there is global and possibly universal ‘intelligent’ force(s) at work. The fact that the universe itself exists relies on the careful and incredibly intricate balance of the interaction of forces in the universe. How does even one atom come into existence and to spin at the required rate to create the interaction with other atoms? The existence and abilities of light to move through other light and through the forces of gravity, and to reach right across many light years of space with enough concentration to be seen by the eye, no matter how much you move your eye position, highlights the miraculous ability of just one of the components of these forces at work in the universe;- the slightest change to this balance would possibly destroy the universe as we know it. For instance if gravity existed without the balance of repulsion between atoms, then atoms would collide together and the universe would cease to be. The more we attempt to understand life and the universe the more we will surely recognize that with our limited intellect, our knowledge is so limited, that even a thousand years from now, we may not be able to understand the whole truth of how the universe and life could come into existence. How then can we propose to teach our young that there is no ‘God’ or vastly greater intelligence than our own that may have wrought such? I do not guess at whether or not such vast intelligence, or numbers of such, communicate with us, or even still exist in the original form. But I do believe it most highly probable (as close to fact as possible) that a vast intelligence, incomprehensible to human minds, created the ‘unit’ of life, a software package so inconceivably advanced that we may never fully understand it. It is also most highly probable that the dna/rna ‘machine’ or ‘unit’ of life works at levels other than ‘matter’. So even if we accurately copied the placement of atoms and molecules, it is the unknown and unmeasureable forms of ‘energy’ or ‘telepathy’ or ‘aura’ or ‘spirit blueprint’ that will make it impossible for us to actually create any form of reproductive life, without using ‘bits’ of the already existing ‘unit’ of life. Even with the advantage of self-learning computers well into the future, the necessary ingredients of life may be too small to see or measure. We understand the effects of gravity, but we still cannot ‘see’ it. We still struggle to understand electricity and even light. We know very little about communication or ‘telepathy’ between cells within a body but a lot less regarding such communication between separate bodies or about the way life on the entire planet communicates, and intelligently adapts to stay alive.

Further reasoning of probability in how life is spread through the universe

As deduced above, the immensely complicated machinery for life, could not have come into existence by chance and had to be the work of an intelligence incomprehensible to our levels of understanding. There are thoughts that life arrived here on earth in one of the following ways:-

  1. God (or Gods) created all the forms of life particularly for this planet and in a less important manner also created the moon, sun and all the stars, to serve this planet in their different ways. This belief is inherent in many of our religions and until more recent times did not include thoughts on evolution or that other life exists anywhere else in the universe.
  2. Darwinian theory, amongst others, promoted thought that because life ‘evolved’ within and (probably) between species, life may have sprung into existence by chance, that is without ‘intelligent’ cause. It is highly noteworthy that even with our knowledge of science to date we are unable to recreate any life whatsoever from non living matter. This life coming into existence by chance theory is being taught as fact but is in my opinion the least probable of any of the beliefs to date. All other beliefs acknowledge some greater intelligence behind life coming into being. Evolution is also thought of as highly probable. It is clear by living example that intelligent adaption occurs within a species. This may or may not be correct in terms of cross species evolution but does not deter from the wonder of the ‘machine of life’ having such capability written into its ‘software’ and in fact further enhances the miracle of such. I deduce that the evolution or adaption within a species (as mentioned above, I do not believe that we know at this time that inter species evolution actually occurs; it is logical from consideration of the fossil history we have discovered, but not yet proven) is intelligent and immediate when it occurs;- i.e. parents experience external change, this information is assessed and genetic modifications made to future male sperm and or female eggs, so that their offspring is better suited to this external change. An example may be darker skin to better survive increased exposure to sunlight. Also attraction to persons of the opposite sex with a different immune system to provide the offspring with immunity to more viruses or diseases. This underlying ‘knowledge’ within living creatures has little or nothing to do with ‘conscious’ thought, and we do not know yet what it is within life that provides this intelligent assessment for survival. I dismiss totally that life produces millions of random non intelligent based mutations and that only those most suited to the environment survive. Apart from the miniscule number of occasional genetic knockbacks, or mutations caused by direct physical harm to sperm, an egg or the fetus, the changes that we witness around us are ‘intelligent’ adaptions suitable to the continuation of life. The symbiosis of many plants with insects and animals is no random development, and yet where would we find the ‘intelligent’ part in a plant? We have not scratched the surface of the immense deep intelligence of life and yet can believe that life sprang into existence by chance. The only way such complex existence could come into being is by intelligence already existing in the universe
  3. A more recent consideration is that life arrived on earth from another source in space either by being within a meteorite that smashed into our planet or by being seeded by another intelligent space faring race. Both concepts rely on the fact that life has come into existence elsewhere in the universe. If one excludes the concept that a ‘creator’ intelligence was responsible for creating the complex DNA/RNA materials or ‘machines’ for life then this concept relies on life springing into existence by chance on another planet, which in the case of the meteorite theory, this miraculous planet blows up and bits of rock keep a form of life alive for millions or billions of years within, before chance arriving to crash on earth, after being exposed to the intense heat of ‘burning up’ in our atmosphere.

In the case of the more advanced space faring race, chance life sprang into existence, on a particular planet, resulting eventually in a people advanced enough to travel though the universe and attempt to seed other planets with life. In this case perhaps earth life was directly seeded with the various species of plant, animal, virus and insect, more in line with the biblical version of creation.

  1. If it is believed that the odds of such life coming into existence on this other planet by chance is extremely remote then perhaps these space adventurers are the only original life in the universe, with the only other existing life being what they have managed to spread to other sustainable planets such as ours. The task of doing such would involve enormous lengths of time to travel such distances between stars and the chances of finding suitable planets may be very remote. If this people have since died off could we be the only remaining planet with life in the universe? This is a great probability if based on life coming into existence by chance and if our planet died then the universe could remain devoid of any life for all time. A bleak prospect and extremely unlikely and yet is the obvious outcome of believing and teaching that life has come into existence by chance.
  2. With consideration to the presently popular belief in the ‘chance’ creation of life consider the following. The earliest/first form of life, whether on this planet or another, would have to be a fully functioning indescribably complex Dna/ Rna ‘machine’ of life to come into living existence at all. Until we are certain that there is a ‘simpler’ version of this machine of life, we need to accept that this may be the only functioning ‘unit’ of life that works! It must be able to replicate itself perfectly, or die and then wait for another such miracle of ‘chance’, which even if possible may take billions of years. This earliest form of life would have to not only replicate itself perfectly, survive within a high probability of dramatic changes in the environment such as ice or volcanoes in those early years of growth on this planet, but also have the inherent ability or ‘software’ to become, adapt or evolve into all the wondrous species of our world. As mentioned previously, it is also highly probable in my view that there is a form of telepathic global communication between life forms on our planet, one task of which is to maintain supporting levels of oxygen, nitrogen etc which indicates a shared intelligence able to assess, maintain or adjust these balances. If this type of global communication is true, then this is another in build ability that must have been inherent in the earliest form of life.
  3. It is assumed and taught by many today that the first or earliest form of life on this planet came into existence by chance, rather than by intelligent creation. I believe that the logic of the deductions I have outlined previously and summarized below, show this assumption to be extremely improbable and thereby as close to being factually impossible.
  • First Deduction:- when one looks at the complexity of the RNA/DNA molecular ‘machine of life’, which is common to all forms of life on this planet, from simplest microbe to most complex cellular bodies, then one must deduce that unless a much simpler form of life ‘machine’ can be found and shown to be able to actually produce life (not just a crystal growth or other very basic chemical reaction which is nothing at all to do with actual life), that this existing complex machine really is the perfect and only form that will support life as we know it on this planet.
  • Second Deduction:- We would logically reject the possibility of relatively simple manmade items such as a functioning folding chair with stitched patterned canvas material, a typewriter with working keys, an electric kettle or stringed and tuned guitar or piano coming into existence by chance by the random chance arrangement of molecules through heat, pressure and motion (including with moisture and or mud), anywhere in the universe over any number of millions of years. We would totally reject the possibility of a modern type of working computer and monitor, with power and a complex software program ever coming into existence by chance and yet these objects are millions if not billions of times less complex than the DNA/RNA ‘machine’ of life.
  • Even with all of our great technology at our disposal, mankind cannot recreate or copy this machine of life;- if it came into existence as many believe by the chance mixture of chemicals, lightning, heat, pressure and mud, why can we not recreate it? We even have the product available to study and copy! We cannot copy this most miraculous machine of life because quite simply it is far too intelligent for us to comprehend in all its complexity. We are only able to use bits of the existing living material to experiment with. Mankind with computers may one day be able to ‘copy’ and replicate this machine of life from inanimate matter but the probability of keeping it alive is extremely low due to the presently imeasureable, unseen and unknown forces with life, such as the forces behind the instruction to cells to take particular position and function in an organism, communication between cells, and the ability to adapt to the environment to evolve.
  • With consideration to the fact that the ‘machine of life’ also needs to have all inherent potential ‘written into’ its creation to become all things on this planet, we will also need to understand and copy many other properties of this miracle such as the ability to remain dormant (such as with some seeds or flea eggs), the ability to change through life cycles and end in flight (such as with dragon flies), the energy aura, telepathic or spirit blueprint that underlies cell instruction and communication within each body and between separate bodies.
  • Something this complex could not come into existence by chance. Incomprehensible ‘intelligence’ has created life and we should now consider how such life may also be written into the universe. Life on this planet is massively abundant and there is a high probability that such abundance has been spread across the universe. Great intelligence is certainly behind the creation of life. It is highly probable that an intelligence and power of that magnitude would still be ‘alive’ in some form, or have had the means to ensure its knowledge, power and wisdom continues into ‘eternity’, even if no longer in its original form. It is also highly unlikely that such a Creator would risk placing life only on our planet Earth.
  1. Returning to the probable, or possible in this case, ways of spreading life through the universe, I propose the following based on a far more probable success rate than the meteorite seeding or advanced space farers bringing life to our planet. I mentioned previously the invisible and presently unknown forces within life, notably what I will call the ‘species blueprint’ with the example of what happens with the growth of a human baby (I must research further to describe properly). After the sperm enters the egg absolutely identical cells (as far as we know) start splitting again and again into a certain size mass of cells. As I understand it this mass of cells seems to suddenly ‘shudder’ and then knowingly move into a particular pre-ordained position in the body as though reacting to an invisible blueprint of instruction. Previously ‘identical’ cells now become totally different in very significant ways to become part of a nerve, a blood cell, part of a fingernail, part of an eye, hair follicle, testicle or egg.
  2. It may be that another similar system of invisible blueprint reaches the planets surface from the sun, and or other stars, and acts upon previously inanimate atoms and molecules and ‘directs’ them to combine in the required amino acids, proteins and polypeptide strings, knotted into the necessary formations to create the DNA/RNA machines of life. This would most likely require liquid, such as water, to allow the movement of atoms and molecules into position dictated by this blueprint energy instruction from the sun. Do ice comets drop water on this planet at occasion as part of this plan? This creation of the ‘machines’ of life may only happen at a particular time in the formation of solar systems or may still be continuing, yet to be discovered by mankind, as a revelation of the vast intelligence within the universe and certain proof of life being deliberately created. Whether mankind is ever capable of communicating with the ‘God’ creator of life and the universe is a real mystery and perhaps must be done through ‘lesser’ spiritual beings. What is interesting to me is that some ‘savants’ or ‘prophets’ may have understood or channeled into parts of this unseen intelligence and attempted to relate this ‘knowledge’ to humanity with varying success. Examples are the sun god Ra from ancient Egyptian mythology (creator and controller of the universe, although my thoughts are that the sun is just a part of the creators tools), the authors of biblical and other religious writings, prophesy, the alleged ability by some red Indians, aboriginals, African witchdoctors, druids and others to spiritually link into nature and gain knowledge. Our limited tools even in the measurement and understanding of the forces of gravity, make it hard and in fact scientifically inconceivable, to identify these more hidden forces by man at this point, except by deduction of probability.
  3. This highly probable deduction that there is a powerful intelligence in the universe, and that the miracle of life was created by the systems set in motion by this massive intelligence, should help mankind realize that there is purpose, wonder and hope for the future. Our children need this knowledge and hope taught at school alongside teachings on evolution and science to keep a more wholesome and more likely picture of the truth.

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