Anti Gravity testing

Anti-gravity testing systems

  • Achieving anti gravity would be one of the most rewarding discoveries for mankind, allowing slow moving craft that won’t fall from the skies, requiring energy only for maintaining the anti gravity system on board and to move the craft forward, at any pace wished. Power won’t be required to forcefully work against gravity as presently required.
  • Discovering how to interrupt gravity would be a wonderful challenge to attempt. At present we know that superconductors (super cooled) create an amazing apparent ‘anti gravity’ effect, but entirely different to the repulsion of same polarity magnets. Superconductors may well be interrupting the forces of gravity, to allow this levitating effect. However it is likely to be too expensive a system to encourage mass use.
  • We need to discover other ways of interrupting the forces of gravity that may be easier and cheaper to mass produce. I would start with a series of large concave shaped dishes, made of different materials to suit the different tests. The dish should sit as a bowl with a weight (of any material) suspended from above from a weighing mechanism, and this weight should be suspended below the lip of the dish, so that any gravity side effects of the Earth’s mass do not extend below the lip of the dish.
  • I would start possibly with a variety of metal dishes, passing all sorts of currents, wavelenths, vibrations, sound, heat, cold, light and every known means of energy that can react with the dish and monitor whether or not any reduction in the apparent weight of the suspended object occurs. Even a small fluctuation will hopefully lead along a series of experiments until an effective result occurs.
  • I would also test other non-material horizontal ‘blankets’ (preferably dish shaped for reasons outlined above) or energy within vacuum between glass plates of energy such as concentrated plasma, light (including all wavelengths known such as gamma, xray etc) and even nuetrinos. This planet seems to allow for discovery by man and I feel confident that a form of (becoming affordable mass produced) anti gravity will be found within the next decade.
  • It is worth noting that the mass contained within a functioning anti gravity (a g) ‘container’, ‘vehicle’ or ‘air/spaceship’, is limitless in terms of being moved. If one could create a lightweight a g field outer skin surround, then the internal weight or mass added within this surround would have zero effect. In fact, the engines to drive flight should also be contained within this field and would register no external mass affected by the Earth’s gravity. Only mass exposed outside the a g field would weigh anything i.e. be effected by gravity. If the exposed mass, such as propellors, jets etc weighed say one ton, then only power to move this one ton into the air or space would be required, even if there were 5000 tons on board. Imagine what that will mean to space-faring; launching great quantities of material to build a giant space station, and where ships could then be assembled for space voyages.
  • I wish I had the finance, equipment and people to do such tests; to find the energy or force to interrupt gravity. I sense that it may have something to do with light, an cross network of intense laser beams perhaps, sandwiched within layers of material that can bend such a network fabric into a shape functional as an airship/spaceship.


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