Magnifying-glass systems for Solar Power and Heating

Magnifying- glass systems for Solar power and Heating (refer ideas and innovations)

  • This involves using the heat generated by focussing sunlight through a magnifying glass onto a brass (or other heat absorbing material) receptor, through which a controlled or calculated volume of water passes (perhaps through many small drilled holes down the length of the receptor), and being heated in the process. There could be a series of magnifying units focussed on such receptors, along the length of well insulated piping leading to hotter and hotter water as it progresses upward toward the insulated hot water reservoir.
  • This water could then be re-circulated back from the reservoir into this heated piping run to be heated further. This system will allow the heating of water to steam temperature if required, and in size be a lot smaller than conventional solar hot water panels.
  • It would be most efficient for the system to have a device that tracks the sun and keeps the angle of the magnifying glasses in its optimum.
  • This system could be used for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes in heating water for baths, showers, basins, sinks, radiators etc.
  • Other possible uses for this system include:-
  • A portable/ travel jug to heat up water by this magnifying glass system and insulated circulation. The jug itself becomes the insulated reservoir and the water continually recirculates in insulated piping from the base of the jug past the magnifying receptor becoming hotter each time. There should be a steam valve to control the maximum temperature


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