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Appendix: additional images

The one thing of which I am uncertain is whether the mathematics of the full outer shell of nines has another viable option. Another possible option for the structure of the outer shell of nines is the one shown below, although the full outer shell of nines is still mathematically sound. Both options may be correct. The Ant Cube can multiply out in any direction.

47Above. Optional outer shell of nines based on the multiplication of the outer numbers of each inner eight by eight square
Full outer shell of nines based on addition of outer numbers of the inner eight by eight number square/ cube. Top layer removed for clarity showing the numbers 3 and 6


Appendix: additional images (continued)

The images below are of the internal numbers viewed in a slightly varied angle than the images at 45 degrees shown in the previous sections of this work. This helps with additional clarity of how the numbers are positioned in space. A working model (or models), around which one can walk, showing each number separately or in combination would be an ideal way to comprehend the Cube as the three dimensional miracle that it is. The ‘Sacred Square’ becomes the ‘Divine Cube’ and provides an insight into the workings of the universe.


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