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Biblical Relevance of 999

Perhaps the relevance of the number 9 in a three dimensional x, y, z expression i.e. 9, 9, 9, or 999 was considered so important to mankind’s understanding of mathematics, a pure and timeless language of the universe, that it was given prime importance in religion, legend and the physical world of structures: i.e. 999 is the recognised and popularised number for God or The Omnipotent One.

The four number couplings, identified in my cube, also seem of great ‘sacred’ significance to our ancestors, expressed in legend, religious texts and writings, built structures and even in the locations of ancient and sacred sites on our planets surface.

References to works by author Ralph Ellis

With reference to the mathematically illuminating books ‘Thoth, Architect of the Universe’ and ‘K2 Quest of the Gods’ by Ralph Ellis I make the following observations:

The author Ralph Ellis has illustrated, through the mathematical language of the pyramids at Giza and Darshur, but most especially the Great Pyramid of Giza, that the legendary Hall of Records, or one of, hidden by the ancient Egyptian ‘gods’, can be located on the Earths surface, based on degrees north and east calculated from the angles of the small square shafts in the Pi based Great pyramid. The factually based measurements of this pyramid show convincingly, with too many coincidental corroborations to be chance, that a Pi based triangle 11 degrees wide (660 nautical miles) and 7 degrees high (420 nautical miles), results (due to the narrowing of the lines of longitude toward the poles from the equator) in a triangle equal in width and height, exactly 420 nautical miles wide by 420 nautical miles high. Based on 0 degrees longitude passing through the centre line of the Great pyramid, the centre of this giant triangle falls on the second to highest mountain in the world, K2, i.e at 36 degrees north and 45 degrees east of the Great pyramid.

My comment: As discussed in the previous chapter, many ancient and sacred sites are found on the line of a Great Circle, and their Longitudinal positions reflect coupling number degrees east or west from the Great Pyramid at Giza. However their Latitudes may not relate to number coupling degrees north or south of the equator, but rather directly to where these lines of longitude cross the Great Circle.

This differs significantly regarding the location of the centre of the giant Pi based triangle mentioned above. Here both degrees longitude and latitude reflect the Cube number couplings.

Note that both degrees 3 with 6 and 4 with 5 are cube number couplings and each and together add up to the cube’s structural number 9. I believe therefore that this site is very significant. The extreme conditions and size of the mountain will be challenging and as revealed in ancient texts, one cannot find the ‘Hall of Records’ by chance.  Also significant is that unlike the other sacred sites falling on the Great Circle, in this case both longitude and latitude consist of the coupling numbers.

It is also convincing, as discussed in Ralph Ellis’s book K2 Quest Of The Gods, that there is a legendary mathematical relationship of the Great Pyramid to our own Earth’s circumference i.e. the ratio of 1 to 43,200. One ‘Thoth’ mile (0.5 nautical miles), is based on the Great Pyramid’s base perimeter of 1,760 ‘Thoth’ cubits. Ralph Ellis also hypothesises that the 1760 yards in a mile comes directly from strong links with ancient Egypt as do other pyramid measurements for furlongs etc.  There are 21,600 nautical miles in the circumference of our planet, based on 60 nautical miles per degree of the Earth’s surface x 360 degrees. Therefore multiplying the legendary scale of Great Pyramid to Earth of 43,200 x 0.5 Thoth miles =.21,600 nautical miles. Refer previous chapters regarding the significance placed on the numbers 21600 and 43200.

If the Architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza deliberately built the Great pyramid at an exact 1:43,200 scale relationship to our planet’s circumference then based on the approximate length of the Thoth or Royal cubit of 0.5236 metres, I have recalculated the nautical mile to be 1843.08 metres and not the modern agreed distance of 1852 metres. Note that the actual nautical mile calculations are based on the Earth’s circumference, which varies from equator to poles. The modern nautical mile based on the circumference at the equator is actually 1842.9 metres (G Pyramid 1843.08 metres) and at the poles 1861.7 metres. If somehow the Egyptian Architect was accurate, did he aim to obtain a 1:43,200 ratio for the actual Earth’s circumference at the location of the Great Pyramid, or at the Equator or a mean average from equator to pole? Has the planet grown slightly over time with debris or floods from space? It would be interesting to calculate volumes of such based on the three scenarios.

Note that the integers in the numbers 21,600 and 43,200 both add up to the cube structural number 9.

In summary the number 9, reflected in the number cube as a physical structure and totally different in character from the other numbers 1 to 8 in the cube, permeates the mathematics used in ancient sites of significance but also in modern mathematics involving our own solar system (the sun plus eight planets = 9), degrees in a circle, circumference of this planet, the rate of precession (or wobble) of the axis of earth at 72 years per degree x 360 degrees, the position of sacred sites on earths surface, and the other examples I highlighted above such as the legendary ages of the universe, the number for God as 999 etc.

There seems also to be significance, as revealed in the number couplings in the cube, and as revealed in ancient texts and sacred structures for the pairing of the numbers 1 with 8, 2 with 7, 3 with 6 and 4 with 5. Are there any other interesting areas where this discovery resounds? Perhaps as it reflects outward in terms of our planet, solar system and possibly universe, perhaps it also reflects inward toward the mathematics of the microscopic and the numbers within life itself?

The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar

(Wikipedia ref) ‘The Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar is a non-repeating, vigesimal (base-20) and base-18 calendar used by several Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, most notably the Maya. For this reason, it is sometimes known as the Maya (or Mayan) Long Count calendar. Using a modified vigesimal tally, the Long Count calendar identifies a day by counting the number of days passed since a mythical creation date that corresponds to August 11, 3114 BCE in the Gregorian calendar.[n 1] The Long Count calendar was widely used on monuments.’

My comments: The ‘Mayan’ Long Count Calendar (note:- it is considered likely that this calendar predates the Mayan period) consists of precisely 1,872,000 solar days, which is 13 Baktun periods of 144,000 days. These coupling numbers 1 + 8 + 7 + 2 adds up to 18, which again adds up to the structural 9. As does 1+ 4 (5) + 4 = 9. The ‘Ancients’ have ensured that the significance of the number 9 permeate history through texts, stories, legend and placement of sites. With regard to the base 20, refer my section regarding Dna/ Rna ‘unit’ of life.

Furthermore of interest is the ‘mythical’ Creation date of 3114 BCE in that the numbers add to 9. However this is likely to be a coincidence unless the year 0, related to Christ was pre-ordained.

Is there any relevance in the order of number pairings to DNA and RNA?

At this point I have done no detailed research on the known model of the ‘unit’ of life, involving DNA and RNA , but I have basically understood the following;-

  • There are four basic ‘gene numbers’ A,T,C and G  to DNA, which are common to all forms of life from the smallest bacteria to the largest animal, where the arrangement of these numbers in the spiral chain determines all information about that form of life.
  • The same four basic numbers are then copied by RNA (with a possible slight difference in one of these numbers but insignificant in function) to create a second DNA spiral, and this process is repeated accurately millions of times.
  • There are only 20 amino acids in all known forms of life.

The ‘unit’ of life is so vastly beyond our understanding but it would interesting to determine if there is any link worth pursuing between the 4 pairs of coupling numbers in the number cube, their frequency and changing pattern per layer of the cube, to the four gene numbers paired and replicated in the miraculous DNA and RNA machine of life.

The structure of the number nine might be reflected in the ‘structure’ of the dna and rna spirals, and the number 20 (or multiples of 20) that seems to work so importantly with the number couplings of the cube and sacred sites highlighted above, might relate to the 20 amino acids importantly linked to the DNA / RNA unit of life. Refer also to the base 20 and base 18 (1+8=9) numbering used in the ‘Mayan’ Long Count Calendar mentioned previously.

Linking the Cube with pi

The more detailed calculations for Pi provide a seemingly  ‘never’ repeated sequence of numbers. However in terms of the very basic understanding of pi being 22 divided by 7, as used in ancient structures, Pi = 3 . 142 857… recurring. The 3 is the whole number and after the decimal point the number 1 pairs with the following fourth number 8, followed by 4 which pairs with 5, followed by 2 which pairs with 7;- these are number couplings of the Cube.

I find it very interesting that a complex number like Pi i.e. 22 divided by 7, which equals 3. 14285714.. (not a simple whole number), when multiplied by 280 (the royal cubit height of the pyramid) gives the simple whole number result of 880. The perimeter length of the base of the Great Pyramid is 1760 royal cubits. This is achieved by 2 x Pi (22/7) = 6.285714285… x the height of the pyramid (280) = 1760.

Note that the Cube number couplings again occur in a recurring fashion after the whole number 6 in the 2 x Pi calculation. I.e. 2 with the following fourth number 7, 8 with the following fourth number 1, 5 with the following fourth number 4, then 7 with the following fourth number 2, and so on recurring to infinity. Note also that 3 x Pi (22/7) = 9. 428571428… recurring. Again the coupling numbers are repeated.

I note that the numbers 3, 6 and 9 do not occur at all after the whole number. The order of the coupling numbers after the decimal point starts in a different position in the chain, but the number order is always constant.

3.142857 142857…recurring x 280 = 880.

6.285714 285714…recurring x 280 = 1760.

9.428571 428571…recurring x 280 = 2640

In terms of the continued influence of the ancient Egyptian mathematics in the UK, which is embedded in Stonehenge, Avebury,  and Silbury Hill. Silbury Hill has a flat top but if the cone shape were to continue to the apex then the perimeter is 3.5 x 3.142857 (Pi) = 11 x the height.

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