The Legal System Corruption of Society

Corruption of Society.


To correct the major weaknesses in society, especially with regards to the lack of control and authority by governments over the excessive greed of individuals and corporations, which in effect is stealing the wealth and higher standard of living from the majority of the population, we must first examine the protective power and corruption of the legal system supporting these atrocities. The first major step should be to ensure that law is made properly ‘just’ and only then can morality, ethics, common sense decisions and behaviour, improved quality of life and massively improved standards of living come about. All aspects of wealth must be better shared.


  • Consider in some detail the problem with the legal system and its corruption of justice, common sense, individual use of discretion, freedom of speech and promoting lies, deceit and lack of personal well being.
  • All lawyers, solicitors and those responsible to ensure justice and fairness in society should be on a standard, non advantageous public service wage as with the police forces and firemen. This will discourage corruption of justice by those in the legal profession, who may often (because they can) prioritise renumeration for themselves and or their companies, above seeking proper justice being carried out in terms of the law.
  • The number of laws should be kept to a minimum. Priority or ‘Prime’ laws, such as involving murder, assault, stealing etc (basically those required to protect individuals from deliberate harm by others) should be taught at school and everyone made fully aware of these priority laws, As such, these laws should become the only laws against which the tenant that “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”, should be applied.
  • All laws should have very clear guidelines, with as many relevant examples as necessary, clarifying as exactly as possible, what is within the parameters of the law and also examples, where it helps such clarification, of what may seem to fall within such a law but is actually not within this law. Grammatical use of commas, stress on words etc should be included in the writing of laws, to enhance easy understanding of the law described. Persons not involved in the legal profession should, if interested for any reason, be able to properly comprehend the proper and full context of any law.
  • The concept that ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’ is totally flawed and must be challenged. The idea that every person should somehow know all the laws of a country is ridiculous in the extreme. If everyone properly knew all the laws, and the penalties for breaching them, then there should certainly be no disagreement or dispute between those dispensing justice such as lawyers, solicitors, barristers and judges on the intent of the law involved.


(to be continued)


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