The Big Threat – (summary) for story or movie

The Big Threat –

Summary of Story which is being written by Anthony J Williams born 03 Dec 1951.

A wealthy Muslim man, whose family is murdered accidently at his son’s rural wedding reception, by drone attack on an adjacent house, plans maximum damage to the allied Western countries, in a devastating plan hatched over the following five years.

He creates maintenance crew companies and over the following five years compromises the basement or ground floor columns of thousands of high rise buildings throughout the United States, United Kingdom and other NATO countries involved in occupation of Muslim lands.

When the works are complete, from an internet cafe, he emails his deadline demands to confidential email addresses of the top government officials, threatening major mayhem in the West, if two deadline dates are not met; the first the national televised broadcast message of his demands and secondly the withdrawal of all forces and personnel from all Muslim lands within the following two weeks from this broadcast deadline.

One hour after the broadcast deadline is missed, the compromised columns of the first five hundred occupied buildings explode, collapsing buildings across main streets below, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people, on an unprecedented scale, in major cities across the Western world.

The man’s emails are leaked to the press and massive political fallout ensues. Bomb squads find some devices but are totally inadequate to deal with the potential unknown and the risks outweigh further investigations until further contact is made with the unknown assailant and further threats mitigated. The man remains anonymous and untraceable. Immediate plans are put into effect to withdraw troops and personnel by the second two week deadline.

The man has another major trick up his sleeve to ensure that occupation can never reoccur. The original method of explosive device has a twin that is entirely untraceable. Negotiation for payment can now begin and the horror has only just begun.


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