Drugs: free but controlled to massively reduce crime

All drugs should be free.


  • All drugs should be made free. This will almost totally halt all the crime that is involved presently around the world in the drugs trade.
  • The more dangerous (Class A in UK) free drugs should be dispensed in a safe, comfortable and ‘controlled’ environment initially, where anyone wanting to take any drug can do so, in a manner of supervision suited to both the person and the potential risks of the drug.
  • In this same safe environment the drug takers should be spoken to, not in a forceful nor annoying manner, but encouraged over time to consider going into a ‘boot camp’ type of facility, to help kick the addiction. It must be made clear to the drug takers that by finally signing up to the ‘boot camp’ option, that they will not be allowed to leave this camp until the time period is met. For the more addictive drugs, such as heroin, this period of time may be up to a year, or more.
  • The government-run ‘boot camps’ should be secure facilities, to encourage exercise, healthy foods and drinks, fun activities, socialising, learning, ethics, morals re not intentionally harming others, treating others as you would like them to treat you, such as respect, care, the advantages of working positively with others in gaining self worth. Also providing advice on how to better deal with their lives when back outside the ‘boot camp’ as well as contacts for future advice, help etc.
  • The drugs considered less dangerous by the government (B class and less in UK), such as marijuana, should be grown by licensed growers and supplied from approved outlets. A user should also be allowed to grow an agreed number of plants for their own use. Tax revenue should be raised from the sales of such products.


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