The Amazing Tales of Princess Amelia – Chapter 7

The Amazing Tales of Princess Amelia

Chapter 7:-

Characters may be based on real people, perhaps.

Grandpa Ant was beaming ear to ear with joy at the safe arrival of his grandson Sebastian, best friend Merklin the wizard and his faithful messenger Rook. In the beautiful paved entrance courtyard to the castle, he spun around and said “Now I want you all to remain here for just five minutes, whilst I go inside and ensure that no one spoils the surprise. Amelia, you make sure they behave themselves”. He rushed inside before they could answer and called for the guards to follow him to the royal lounge. He quickly explained to Queen Michelle and the others to spread the word that no one was to say anything to Merklin, Sebastian or Rook about the events of the last few weeks, while they bathed, changed and ate. He would personally take them to meet the ‘Red Witch’ Tallia immediately after. He also asked for the Master of Arms, Roger, and was told that he was inspecting his soldiers in the north court. He asked the head butler to please bring the guests in and see to their needs while he rushed out to discuss the report of this new Terraloon with Roger.

“Oh no, not again!” groaned Roger, “This must be the one Tallia couldn’t contact. We must warn those in the cavern too and just hope we’re not too late”. Just at that moment a horseman galloped in, dismounted and rushed over to inform them that a gigantic Terraloon had crashed it’s way past them, toward the cavern but amazingly had not seriously injured any of them. Grandpa Ant and Roger then decided that the guards remain vigilant and set the traps to the Keep but for now avoid the full castle shutdown, unless he hadn’t returned in the next half hour. Roger and the guards looked on in amazement as he flew off into the distance and over the crater ridge.

There had never been such a big joyous party in the kingdom before. A large fairground was set up in the castle grounds and visitors from the villages in the kingdom, from Castle Jewel and the village of Apple and from Marshall Mathew’s Star Lake, all came to celebrate and marvel at the many new wonders shown them. Fireworks were exploded at dusk, musicians filled the air with sound, colourful dancers pranced around large crackling bonfires and children ran about shouting and laughing until their bedtimes. The grounds were filled with tall circular tents and other forms of accommodation, for the three week stay, although many slept out under the stars.

Sebastian, Reese, Harry and Amelia were lying on raked-out straw, looking up at the stars, waiting to see who would see the next shooting star first. They made a game out of everything and now argued about who was quickest to shout out and point. There was no moon and it was a clear night, so the stars were really bright. “What’s that?” asked Amelia, pointing at a very large dark object moving across the stars. It was strange and they decided it wasn’t a bird, and seemed too large and far away for a cloud. “It’s creepy the way it moves!” said Sebastian, and Amelia felt a chill run up her spine. Reese could feel goose-bumps rise on her arms, and hugged against Harry. Harry stared with eyes wide and said in a low voice “It’s stopped!” He was right, the object had moved across a cluster of stars and then just stopped in one place. They waited for what seemed like ages for it to move on but it didn’t. “It’s watching us!” whispered Reese. Now they were all starting to feel a bit scared to move, even with the sounds of the music and crackling fires just over the rise behind them. “No one will believe us!” said Sebastian “Now that it’s not moving, it just looks like a dark part of the sky”.

“What’s up children? You all look a bit serious” said Merklin behind them, giving them a bit of a fright. “Quickly lie down and look up there Merklin” said Amelia. “We’ve all seen a big black oval shape move across the stars and now it’s stopped in one spot over there. See there, just to the right of the three bright stars in a row?” Merklin lay down next to Amelia and looked hard at the night sky. It took his eyes a while to adjust and then he saw it! He knew the sky well and whatever was blocking the Angel Speckles and Syrus Cluster was large indeed. He would have presumed it was a dense cloud of sorts but from the kids’ description of its movement and the lack of any light edge, common to clouds at night, he realized that it must be sitting in space, and as large as a kingdom. “Wait here kids, I must chat with Grandpa Ant and Tallia about it and will be right back”

Soon Tallia, Grandpa Ant, Merklin and King Jay were lying down with the children examining the dark shape. “I have ordered Mog to shut off all power to my craft and reinstate the inert black wall. The ship type is unknown to our data but is an ovaloid just over two hundred miles long, fifty miles diameter and very close. It may be hostile and is very likely scanning this world, but in search of what I don’t know”. Tallia continued in a low voice “While it is here it is important that we do not use the levitation devices nor any special power items such as the ExCaleebra swords. Urgently place such items under these cloaks” she said “and Amelia please place your pendant and ring in this bag and pull closed the drawstrings”. Amelia exclaimed that the bag felt strangely heavy but did as she was told and hung it back around her neck.

King Jay rose and ordered Roger to urgently take his and the other Azlan powered weapons, and place them all under the cloaks in the armoury, and report back with the Marshall and King El. Also to ensure that no one be alarmed, but continue with the celebrations. The Queens were to be told that the men were teaching the children about the stars, if they inquired.

As soon as the Matt and El arrived with Roger, they too lay down and were informed of the large spaceship. Tallia continued quietly, turning over onto her stomach “It is highly likely that they can see in great detail and possibly even hear our voices if they zoom in close enough so please all turn onto your stomachs as I have and try not to stare in their direction, which might draw their attention”.

“I told you it was watching us” whispered Reese to Sebastian.

“They will consider us primitive I imagine” continued Tallia “but they may take an interest in the large airship in the crater. We will just have to wait and see. Amelia, lay on your back again and without staring too obviously at it, tell me if you see any movement. We should all take turns doing the same, to avoid arousing suspicion. Keep your voices low and aimed at the ground if talking about the ship”.

“There are some tiny light circles coming out of it!” Amelia whispered loudly after flipping on to her stomach. Everyone immediately turned to look before remembering not to stare. Tallia turned onto her side and watched the three approaching craft out the corner of her eye. Two were heading for the crater and the other remained high above the celebrating crowd. She warned Mog to cease communication with her unless they breached the black wall. She hoped that these new comers would presume an ancient civilization had come and gone, and not penetrate the black wall. Her spacecraft was the only hope she had of ever seeing her planet again. Amelia touched her arm and whispered “So sorry Tallia!” Tallia embraced her in a hug. “Thank you little one. I think it will be allright. Don’t fear ok?”

King Jay and his brothers were stunned by the enormity of this event in their lives. It was hard enough to cope with the discoveries in the caves, never mind the giant airship and then coming face to face with the beautiful alien ‘Red Witch’ Tallia and all she revealed. And now there was an unbelievably large alien vessel, that if hostile could destroy them all. “What on earth do we do guys? Any ideas because I’m getting mighty restless right now?” said King El. King Jay got up and stated loudly “Well not much we can do but enjoy the party. I’m going to dance with my beautiful wife. Do you kids want to have a bit of fun? Say nothing about this but let’s go and dance hey?” The children immediately got up and ran to the dance floor laughing again, relieved that their dads weren’t acting fretful. Tallia also decided to rejoin the celebrations and accompanied Grandpa Ant and Merklin to the dance floor. What will be will be she decided, wrapping the large silk robe and hood around her body and head to hide her green skin from the skies above.




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