Centrifugal Force for Direction Change

Centrifugal Forces to allow high speed turns with zero gee’s

  • I need to include diagrams with this explanation. This came to me when I was 13 years old, sitting next a stream at the bottom of our garden, wondering about some comment I had heard or read about how impossible it was for anything humanoid living in a UFO to survive the sudden high speed turns reported. The inertia on a human body moving many hundreds of miles an hour in one direction and then changing direction very rapidly (such as 90 degrees) would create too great a crush on the body for the body to survive. We know now that pressurised suits help with all sorts of problems previously encounted by pilots, including the negative effects of gee-forces, however would not on its own resolve this problem. At the time however I just saw in my mind’s eye a clear image of how the inner core of the circular ‘UFO’ spun at a calculated speed of turn, counter to the direction of change of the craft itself, in a manner that created a centrifugal outward force on the humanoid body at the exact opposing outer edge of the spin to the craft direction of change. I imagine now that pressurised suits, encompassing pressure absorbing seats and harnesses would all be a necessary part of any such a counter spin method. The seat would also have to rotate in a way that keeps the crew with their backs to the direction of inertia. The crew would also have to withstand the rapidity of the spin required to counter the change of direction in one smooth highly accelerated turn of the craft’s core. Theoretically therefore the larger the craft inner core, the faster this change of direction can occur, allowing a bigger centrifugal force.


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