Last Refusal

 Last Refusal (movie script)

ANTHONY JOHN WILLIAMS born 03 Dec 1951 email:

MOVIE SCRIPT: written from 15th Feb 2001.Title ‘LAST REFUSAL’


A young man, DAVID, sits alone reading a book and sipping coffee. He looks up.

DAVID’S POV: A strikingly beautiful dark-haired girl, SANDRA, stares directly at him and slowly smiles before demurely lowering her eyes.

DAVID stares in wonder, as again she looks up and locks eyes on his, until this time he smiles and looks away in embarrassment.


SANDRA is writing something on a notepad. She just finishes the note as the waiter approaches and hands her the bill for her drink. She pays the waiter, and stands, glancing at DAVID. She walks over and shyly hands him the note she has written then turns and walks slowly away up the street. DAVID stares fascinated at her retreating figure before looking down and unfolding her note.


DAVID walks hurriedly, approaching SANDRA, who stops, turns and smiles as he approaches.

SANDRA (softly, placing her finger on his lips)

Thank you. Please say nothing. Follow me.

She takes his hand and walks him to the door of a beautiful 2-storey terrace house.


SANDRA leads DAVID to the kitchen bench, places her finger on her lips to indicate that nothing is to be said. She pours a greenish liquid into two glasses and offers one to DAVID. They stare into each other’s eyes seriously and in silence, slowly raising their glasses and gently sipping their drinks. The man smiles and his eyes light up as he swallows and takes another sip. SANDRA gently puts down her glass and reaches across to guide his hand to lower his glass also to the bench top. Then holding his hand guides him to a doorway off the living room. The camera remains on the doorway and after a few seconds a strange grunt is heard from DAVID and the sound of cracking bone. SANDRA returns through the doorway looking intent. The camera swings across to an old grandfather clock, which strikes four p.m. PICTURE FADES BLACK.

  1. PUB – DAY

A middle aged man, ROGER, sits sipping a pint of beer, looking at the crowd of patrons. His eyes then lock onto someone.

ROGER’S POV: He looks into the intense staring eyes of SANDRA. She smiles and looks down, a gentle smile on her beautiful lips. PICTURE FADES.

  1. STUDY, DIMLY LIT – DAY (3 weeks later)

A shadowy figure, DANIEL, sits behind a large desk hidden in the shadows created by the desk lamp, his black gloved hands clasped together on the desk and in the lamp light. The sound of swishing clothes is heard as SANDRA moves forward into the camera view and stops in front of the desk.


Number 12 gene sections in place. No rejection. Positive link.


Not one failure Sandra. That is very good. Final target identified. Also male. An Ethiopian, Johnston Mabus. Heathrow landing and transit arranged to our hotel, room 59. It’s all in the file. Speaks no english. Nader will be waiting in the lobby to translate if you have difficulties. We must not fail. This will be close Sandra but I know the jigsaw will fit. Now only 42 hours to the alignment eclipse so the pressure is on. Only one other suitable subject found but attempts to bring him over in a willing state, failed. Arrangements have however been made with an eight hour gap, but we all know the risks that entails. Thank you Sandra, that is all.

  1. BEDROOM LABORATORY – NIGHT (9 months later)

SANDRA is giving birth. Beethoven’s pastoral symphony is playing gently in the background. A midwife is there, a doctor is examining some equipment and DANIEL is holding SANDRA’S hand. SANDRA and DANIEL are looking into each others eyes, SANDRA is perspiring, in pain and trying not to cry out. DANIEL is middle aged, wise with intense eyes. SANDRA’S hand grips harder and she makes a soft cry as she gives a final push.


My God! PAUSE. It’s a boy. It’s an amazing looking boy.


  1. SUNNY PRIVATE COURTYARD – DAY (7 years later)

The boy, JOSHUA, is seven with long blonde hair and startling blue eyes. He is exceptionally beautiful, friendly and serene looking, and his skin seems to glow with unusual vitality. He is sitting cross-legged on a rock in the beautifully sculptured garden staring at his open hands on his lap. He closes his hands together, closes his eyes and looks composed. His eyes open again, he looks down at his creation. Slowly he opens his hands to reveal a brilliant yellow gem. He smiles, places the gem into the woven silk cloth his lap and stares at his hands again, before closing them and his eyes in a serene composed way. SCENE FADES

  1. MILITARY GAOL CELL – NIGHT (1 year later)

DANIEL sits on his bed in the cell, eyes intense and fuming.


SANDRA sits staring out of the barred window down into an empty courtyard, looking utterly sad.


A large number of scientists and officials are in various positions around the room; some at their computers, others attending to equipment and readings, cables linked through various attachments to and around JOSHUA. JOSHUA is sitting composed and cross legged on a large green cushion with his eyes closed. He has wires connected to his head and to various parts of his body. A young lab technician LUCY, adores and has befriended him and stands frowning in concern, nearby.


A man in a special forces uniform (GENERAL SLIDE) and a middle aged scientist ( DR. BURNS) are standing at a long display table examining objects. GENERAL SLIDE reaches out and picks up a golden goblet.

GENERAL’S POV: The goblet in his hands is gold with a small oblong lump of what looks like raised stainless steel protruding halfway up one side and various other materials and gems embedded of the outside of the goblet. In one area is a spray of minute but highly glittering green gems. The inside is so smooth it is highly reflective.


You say he did this yesterday?


Yes General. The main component is pure gold. The green glitter area is composed of the smallest cut emeralds we have ever come across. There are various gems, metals and one mineral we are unsure of. Somehow all the gems and metals are fused like a spiders web into the gold. This object here…

DR BURNS picks up a shiny cube 6x6x6cms

This cube is a pure diamond structure, totally flawless yet absolutely flat sided to the thickness of a molecule. There is nothing machined that could match it. The question Lucy asked the boy was ‘can you create a diamond?’ She was sitting in front of him also cross-legged. Twelve seconds later this popped into existence right in her lap. He giggled at her reaction. She told me that such a strong feeling of joy swept over her that it took every bit of her self -control and training not to burst into tears and hug him. He has had various emotional effects on every one of the staff that have been near him, all pleasant. He shows vivid lateral imagination and artistry at every level with his manifestations. In the three weeks we’ve had him here he’s created the 53 most incredible objects on this table, none of which is a copy of anything we’ve seen before, and three of them are of materials unknown to us. I think he’s testing us as much as we are testing him.


Unbloodylievable! What the hell is going on here Pete? Any ideas on how any of this is possible? Strike that; I’ll discuss that with you later. I feel like this is a bloody emergency and I don’t know which way to run and which fire to put out first. My gut feel is impending massive danger either from the boy or even because of the boy. First things first! Are you absolutely positive there’s been no leak to the outside?


I’m positive. Since arrival all calls are recordings only and thoroughly monitored before being sent on. No unscreened personnel, all communications scrambled and coded per protocol and no traceable link to our location. To date no external anxieties expressed and all accept the cover story and recorded method for calls. Callers also discouraged unless urgent. All external and internal security systems fully functional throughout. We are as tight as a drum.

The GENERAL and DR BURNS walk together to a reflective thick glass wall and ceiling office and sit either side of the desk. All laboratory noise becomes muted as the door closes. Soft music relieves the silence as both men a still for a moment. The view out of the office into the laboratory is clear. The GENERAL suddenly grabs the phone and dials.


Margie, this is a recorded call. All appointments for the next week to be cancelled. I am in effect in solitude for at least a week from now. I will give you a contact number for emergency only and I mean real emergencies only. Tom can take over and tell him I’ll call him in three or four hours. Call Tracey please and tell her I have an emergency situation to deal with but zero danger and not to worry. Love also to the kids. I will call her tonight and please explain it will be recorded. Thanks. (finishes call)

Shit; ok Pete lets sort this out. I’ll want you to give me the full works later, videos, guesses, the lot. Let’s say we meet in the board- room five hours from now

The GENERAL glances at his watch, frowning


Call in anyone you think could shed any light or add anything useful; even the whole bunch if you want. You chair and organise; minimum two recorders. Also any audio visual you think important to have on hand. After our chat here I want a tour through the data. I want to know everything we have about this kid, his mother (or whatever she is) and that wierdo genetic genius DANIEL that no one’s in his field has even heard of before. How the hell did he know how to put that lot together, and what’s this mixing in bloody astrology shit with timing gene splices? This is going to take a long time to sort but I’m going to get to the bottom of this black hole. It would be one thing if this was a freak of nature but this kid was a deliberate creation in DANIEL’S mind even if a bigger jump than he says he expected. The question is

The GENERAL leans forward over the desk


Can he create another JOSHUA using the same system? His statements don’t tell us enough or even why he did this. I want him in tomorrow for another little chat ok?

DR BURNS swallows and passes his hands through his hair


Yes Sir. Look, he’s an amazing kid. Lucy reckons he’s the greatest thing since Christ or Buddha. He wouldn’t hurt any living thing as he’s shown by refusing to muck in any way even with plants. He’s special and we…

The GENERAL sits back, takes a deep breath and interrupts.


Can ANYONE start creating the same sort of freak kids? There’s danger here man, I can smell it! DANIEL still won’t tell us how he did it and SANDRA’S totally clamped up. If it weren’t for the agreement with the kid that he sees her every night, we might have had a better shot at forcing her to talk. She knows we won’t deliberately hurt JOSHUA and DANIEL has already convinced her that nothing she says or doesn’t say will change our decision on his treatment or even survival chances. She says she just does not trust the military and that she knows we’ll abuse the boy’s potential toward conflict. She’s a strong minded bitch that one. Ok have you done any other tests that aren’t related to his ability to muck atoms around?

DR BURNS (sweating and uncomfortable)

Yes. He has created 12 different flame types, each one totally different in material composition as you’ll see on the video readouts, one in a helix spiral 120cm high and 15 wide, which lasted 42 seconds. He also created a plasma burst lasting 0.5 seconds. The readings show a heat containment wall millimeters from the outer edge of each flame type and plasma burst. There are no readings of any burn damage to skin, clothing or surroundings.


Jesus! Now you’ve really got me worried.


Remember the black ball you saw on the display? That was a tennis ball turned inside out with no loss of internal pressure. He had it in his hand for less than three seconds. The video was filmed at one thousand frames a second. The transition occurred totally between two frames. There was a two millisecond heat burst of 120 degrees c and an audible popping noise of just 12 Db. He’s done the same on a light bulb, pencil, remote control and envelope and letter. The writing is neatly trapped within the centre of the thickness of the paper as is the stamp.

GENERAL (Looking tired and rubbing his eyes)

Alright let’s get a coffee. Stop all tests for now until we’ve had a chance to assess what we’ve got. Send JOSHUA back to Sandra for the afternoon. Ask MR JOHNSON to come in please, with the coffee, and I’ll see you in a moment. Thanks Pete.


JOHNSON enters the office and sits down opposite GENERAL SLIDE. Both remain silent as the coffee and biscuits are brought in placed on the desk. The GENERAL grunts and nods his head to the waitress who leaves the two men and the door shuts behind her. The GENERAL picks up his cup and has a sip before replacing the cup in the saucer.

GENERAL’S POV: He watches his coffee turn in a whirlpool as he stirs then looks up at the hard cruel-looking face of the suited man. JOHNSON stares intently at GENERAL SLIDE with cold humourless eyes.


You’ve been here two days Johnson and I’ve yet to catch up on the details. What is your assessment overall?


Overall I will be recommending the immediate termination of all three parties. Also total elimination of all records that could even hint at what’s happened here. This satanic little bastard could set off a nuclear blast if he’s allowed to carry on, either here or maybe anywhere on the planet. No one here has the slightest idea of his potential or how fast he’ll move into new potentials. Let’s get rid of him now before real problems start. Imagine the public reaction, in fact the world’s reaction if this news leaks out. Let’s rip the roots out now, and I want you with me on this one Don.


Give me some time to look at all the facts and theories first. I agree that no more tests be carried out until we know more, but I don’t want to jump the gun. We need to consider whether we tell the Prime Minister and when.

JOHNSON explodes forward in his seat.


You are fucking kidding me right? There is no-one but the Prime Team in on this and that’s the way it stays. Remember who you’re working for. Those scientists and muck-arounds will also have to go. A clean sweep is what we have to have and you know as well as I do that’s what they’ll order. Don’t go weak on me now Don. Apart from us the only thing left in this place may be the objects on that table, and those will be kept tighter than a rat’s bum.


The camera focuses on JOSHUA who is sipping an orange juice and joking with LUCY. He then stops smiling and looks over toward the reflective glass office.


Lucy please excuse me a moment, something’s up and I just need to concentrate for a short while. Please stay here with me.

JOSHUA takes LUCY’S hand, much to her joy, and closes his eyes.

JOSHUA’S POV: He moves through the reflective glass into the office and his mind hangs suspended and unnoticed in the room. At first there is faint music and then JOSHUA can hear everything that is being said by the GENERAL and JOHNSON.


I understand your feelings on the issues here but I don’t agree with your assessment of terminating anyone at this stage nor closing down all tests. I will first look at the information gathered and hear out the crew. There may be a way to get something invaluable out of this without having to ever let it happen again. The details of just how this came about can still be permanently eradicated or kept in the prime level, and those in the know contained under our control. I will get back here with you in the morning but don’t count on my mind being made up by then either. This is going to take a little time and as I am still in charge here I want you to remain incognito as before and not interfere. The ban on external calls remains in place and I won’t make exception for you at this time. Do I make myself clear?


I have already made my assessment and I insist on contacting the Team now! You exceed your authority and have absolutely no bloody right to stop me. I will walk out of here unhindered and whenever I want, or I will have you out of uniform so fast and on the streets begging for a living. If you don’t believe me phone Rycal now and ask who has authority over who here.

GENERAL (standing up and on the intercom)

Major! In here now!

The MAJOR enters promptly and stands at attention.


Confine Mr Johnson in the lock-up and make sure he is swept clean.


Yes Sir! Please follow me Mr Johnson!

JOHNSON (spluttering with anger)

            You stupid bastard. You’ve gone stark raving mad. You are finished…

JOSHUA’S POV: Still with his eyes closed he travels to a cosy place. He imagines that his mother SANDRA smiles down at him and passes her hand through his hair in the sunlight.

JOSHUA opens his eyes and smiles at LUCY.


Don’t worry Lucy. Everything will be fine, you’ll see.


Let’s go see your Mum Josh, she must be missing you. I know I would. Dr Burns says you got the rest of the day off and we can go with your mum out in the garden if you like. I’ll give you time alone first then come fetch both of you in about an hour ok?



JOSHUA lies back peacefully in SANDRA’s arms with a smile of contentment on his face. Suddenly he frowns and opens his eyes in some shock.


The rough hewn cave walls reflect light from the flickering flames of a fire. In a sudden movement and sound the shadow of a terrifying and large shaped creature crosses the view of the camera.


There is a black male visitor in loin cloth facing the witchdoctor. Both are sitting on the ground, the visitor on the dirt and the witchdoctor on an old blanket. He is holding some bones and a fire burns to one side of them. The visitor is looking down and the witchdoctor staring intently at the visitors face. The witchdoctor eyes suddenly widen and he looks up to the night sky in fear and begins muttering unintelligible words.


There is a gathering of sitting and standing male aboriginals around a large campfire, some clicking sticks or stones together, a few on drums and one on a digerido, all looking into the flames. A large burst of sparks lifts up from the fire and spirals into strange patterns above them. The music suddenly stops and they all jump back in alarm, some with a yell


The silence is broken by a sudden very load rush of wings as hundreds of birds simultaneously take off into the sky.


The darkness of the laboratory is interrupted by flashes of light and the retorts of rapid fire guns, explosives and screams of the injured and dying. On a sharp command there is absolute silence, the attackers remove their night goggles and then the lights go on. A man moans in agony and is quickly shot in the head by an attacker. Equipment lies shattered and the bodies of the military scientists are seen lying about the room. Five men and three women are marched in to the room from their quarters, including GENERAL SLIDE, DR. BURNS and MR JOHNSON.


All accounted for General. The boy, his mother and DR Daniel Lucan are in confinement.

GENERAL RYCAL walks forward to face GENERAL SLIDE


I am very disappointed in you Don. Johnson was wired in a way even he doesn’t know about, as are all on the Team. You are about to find out who we are working for and I promise you, you won’t like it my friend.

The main doors slide open and in walks a solitary tall, dark and ominous figure. The tall man doesn’t quite look human and has very yellowish- green skin and deeply sunken purple black eyes. The room is silent and then MR JOHNSON steps forward and starts to speak. At a glance from the newcomer he falls silent and seems to cringe back in fear. DARK MAN looks slowly around and focuses on GENERAL RYCAL.


                        Tie this lot up on the floor there and bring me the boy

GENERAL RYCAL nods to TACTICAL LEADER and takes two men to collect JOSHUA.


All the prisoners are tied up and sit in a circle facing each other. One of the prisoners, a man, starts shouting garbled demands about their rights and being set free. DARK MAN approaches and stands before him. Not a word is said but the prisoner starts perspiring in fear and then unable to utter a sound begins writhing frantically as blood seeps out through his ears eyes and mouth. He collapses gently onto his back, dead. The others stare in horror as they realise the power of the DARK MAN. The side door crashes open and GENERAL RYCAL enters with the two soldiers.


They have disappeared Sir, all THREE. The door was still locked and no window bars tampered with; we checked them and every inch of the room. I have….

DARK MAN lifted his hand for silence, staring a little longer at JOSHUA’s creations on the table, and seemed to be trying to peer into the distance.

DARK MAN (gesturing with his right hand)

Kill them all! No, you fools, after I’ve left! Package these works really carefully.

Pointing at the display table with a worried look on his face

Bring them to my office immediately. Destroy all else in total; I have all the information I need. There is to be total silence on this entire business from you all. Do I make myself clear?

ALL (in unison)

                                                            Yes Sir

DARK MAN exits the room. TACTICAL LEADER faces GENERAL RYCAL and speaks softly


General, are we doing the right thing? That is the scariest mother I’ve ever seen. Who the hell is he? Is he really working for this country? I feel sick. This isn’t normal

GENERAL RYCAL (looking worried)

                                    For Christ’s sake shut up. He can hear every word you say


Ten soldiers arrange themselves in a semi-circle around the pleading prisoners and ready themselves for the instruction to open fire. The camera scans across their faces and the strain of the event tells on each face; no soldier looks relaxed with this task and some glance at others desperately whilst others stare straight ahead trying to contain their inner turmoil. GENERAL RYCAL talks quietly with the TACTICAL LEADER then raises his hand and yells his command over the distressed cries of the bound and squirming prisoners on the floor.


Squad Attention. On my command. Ready,..

TACTICAL LEADER interrupts with a gasp and points across the room. Joshua has appeared somehow and walks toward the prisoners. A hush falls across the room and some relief tinged with hopelessness is expressed on many of the faces of prisoners and soldiers alike.


Dammit Joshua why didn’t you stay out of this?


I have stopped his powers now. You must not harm anyone anymore. There are friends coming now to help


The DARK MAN is lying back in his seat dead with his hands pressed against his chest and his face red and contorted.


Twelve dark -robed figures sit quietly around a table in a decorated cavern area deep within their mountain lair. At the head of the table a woman MAGIO sits reading an inlaid table-top screen, suddenly showing surprise. She looks up at the others with a frown and then looks back down and turns a dial and flicks a switch. She then presses a button and contact is made.

PANTHEON (electronically effected voice)

                                             What is going on Magio?


H2 pilot reports Porvot was terminated 3 minutes ago from an unknown and unmeasured source outside his helicopter and all cranial implants and links with his project subjects non -communicating. I read auto implant meltdown also unsuccessful. That will expose us if the body not brought in safely. What if the pilot is also compromised? I am unsure but could this be the work of the boy Joshua?

PANTHEON (A long silence)

Ensure that you have not been compromised. Check all incoming readings and do not attempt any further contact with Porvot’s subjects. I will get back to you with instruction shortly. Recall all Group P leaders immediately and Magio, no-one is to leave the Nexus for any reason is that understood?


                                                     Yes Pantheon.

Furious discussion breaks out around the table. SCENE FADES


GENERAL ANSHOM sits at his desk. GENERAL RYCAL and GENERAL SLIDE sit facing him. GENERAL ANSHOM picks up the phone.


Get me the Prime Minister


PANTHEON lies back in a cocoon like bed sealed in a full virtual reality type sensor ‘wet suit’ with encompassing headgear linked to a vast array of underground equipment, computers and monitors. He does not know how he will go about communicating PORVOT’s lack of success in capturing JOSHUA and eliminating all the other military teams involved, to the MAGOG.

(Author Note:- The following text is yet to be written in Movie Script form)

PANTHEON thought back to the discovery 23 years ago, when he and his deep cavern expedition had carefully explored, mapped and made their way through kilometres of underground natural tunnels and caves recently discovered near the glacier below K2. They had reached a vast natural cavern well under the mountain itself when one of the team yelled excitedly, pointing at an intricately carved ‘rock’ doorway at the further end of the cavern. The carved doorway was a massive 22 metres tall and 7 metres wide and as soon discovered over the next years’ repeated visits, totally impenetrable to any manmade tools and with no moving parts or levers found anywhere in the natural cavern or tunnels, to allow them access through, nor could be agreed any understanding nor clues to the meaning of the deeply incised carvings. Total secrecy was kept by the team to this discovery and over the next many years the cavern was fitted out with extensive equipment, crew quarters and work areas. The depth underground provided a warm and temperature-comfortable working environment. Additional fresh air was brought in from outside. PANTHEON was determined to crack this puzzle and being a very wealthy man, costs would not slow him down.

The natural rock surrounding the doorway was cut away and moved to the rear of the cavern. At a depth of 2 to 3 metres a smooth sheer wall was discovered made of the same impenetrable material with no end found in any vertical or horizontal direction. Acoustic and other tests provided no indication of wall thickness or hidden cavities. This task seemed unresolvable and PANTHEON finally considered bringing his contacts in the military.

However a few hours later acoustic sensors picked up a low vibration from behind the wall. Renewed and microscopically detailed searching revealed a minute 2.5mm diameter hole dead centre in the doorway itself. It had been sealed with dust. A thin stainless steel wire was inserted successfully to over five meters in length, before being retracted.

PANTHEON was elated. A thin complex optic fibre probe was prepared, fitted with outer mirrored leds, infrared detection and sound sensors. A large monitor showed the probes carefull progress through the tiny hole. After a depth of about 4 metres the probe entered the space beyond. A glimpse of a reddish shape in the distance was seen to move slightly like a rocking jellybean, before suddenly turning toward the probe. An instant burst of ‘static’ obliterated the image.

PANTHEON immediately recognised that the scale of importance of this find had leaped dramatically. The retracted probe was found to be in perfect working order. Within the hour, after an urgent private discussion with his 9 K2 TASK LEADERS, PANTHEON had all the remaining witnesses murdered and disposed of. Awkward links with external families, friends and acquaintances were also taken care of over the next few weeks. No one outside of PANTHEON’s circle in the NEXUS must know of this find. PANTHEON’s vast knowledge of legend, ancient texts and religious writings, prophesies and warnings, gave him a hint of what this creature may be. The structure certainly was not of modern times which meant that the creature had survived possibly thousands of years, an IMMORTAL, potentially a GOD of sorts?

The components for future probes were enhanced to include a variety of sensors directly connected to PANTHEON’s own body, nose, eyes and ears, in an advanced form of virtual reality, to allow him to enter the lair of this BEING, to feel the temperature, smell the air, to look around. The space was vast, with indicative readings of a complex glowing ceiling starting at over 200 metres high and the closest walls of what may be a labyrinth, over 400 meters away. The visible ground read as a natural landscape of rock and dirt but with areas of flat smooth artificial floor exposed, especially in the proximity of the enormous doorway. A wide ramped area 200 metres to the right seemed to slope down into a bluish void. The space felt impossibly large. PANTHEON decided to connect up.

First contact was within the first five seconds of PANTHEON’s second linked VR probe entering the space beyond the inside face of the door. First glimpse was of a reddish shape approaching from a distance, so rapidly that it defied reason, and within two seconds the MAGOG had reached the probe and entered his mind. Fear made PANTHEON freeze in submission, but communication was poorly supported by the electronics and within a short burst the connection failed and PANTHEON lay back writhing in pain and disorientation, heart beat and blood pressure accelerated to a point almost fatal.

New equipment allowed for a buffer to decelerate the communication speed and impact from the creature, but with heightened information exchange. On second contact the creature made a direct link via PANTHEON to the computer systems and discovered the link with the Internet. PANTHEON sensed that his usefulness to this ancient creature may be reduced and quickly cut this connection. He wanted to control the information available to the MAGOG, until he learned what he wanted, in return. Any excessive mental pressure from the MAGOG, or any loss of his own control would affect the smart switch he held delicately and would automatically sever the link, but even so PANTHEON later discovered a new ‘coating’ to the wiring leading through from the minute hole in the door, which he knew chillingly, was somehow created by the MAGOG. Hell, within a few more seconds it may well have stopped PANTHEONs ability to automatically or deliberately close this link.

Prior to disconnecting the internet, PANTHEON downloaded language software, images, dictionaries, encyclopaedia, mathematics and many other programmes that he and his team thought would allow the MAGOG to communicate in English, but whether it would comprehend the information or even if it had a voice was unknown. The internet was then shut down and the downloaded information fed through. However within thirty seconds of the third contact, English words from the MAGOG appeared on the screen. How that was in any way possible in such a short space of time was irresolvable and therefore not even discussed in any detail, but PANTHEON felt great relief that mind to mind contact may be unnecessary from here on. That was not to be so. Even though grammatically poor, the MAGOG expressed that it wanted to be a friend, had been captured and confined by the warring and unfriendly ‘Aimoen’, who, like himself were travellers through the galaxy, but from another section closer to Earth. If he understood our time correctly, from Earth rotations at the time, he had been confined about eight and a half thousand years. The materials within the Cube provided life sustenance and were absorbed through his ‘skin’. No, his senses varied vastly from humans. He wanted release and to go ‘home’. He and his kind would not return to hurt humans. Yes he wanted to hunt down the Aimoen and seek redress. The poor English was becoming difficult to follow in meaningful detail so after three hours PANTHEON decided to shut down the link.

Although disconnected and the probe withdrawn that evening, PANTHEON was awoken at 3am by one of the team, and ran through to the main lab. The internet was accessed, computers interlinked and working at an amazing speed, images and information flickering rapidly across the screens. After unsuccessfully attempting to shut down the computers PANTHEON ordered immediate power off. Within ten seconds power was back on and computers rebooting. Now in a panic, all cables were severed and a nail driven into the 2.5mm hole in the door, through which a very tough almost clear coating had led, covering areas of the floor and up into the equipment. This was scraped up and disposed of. PANTHEON knew that whatever he inserted into the hole would not last. All computer equipment was moved to another smaller cavern four miles away and a large cable fed back to PANTHEON’s communication chair. The nail had not been moved and PANTHEON sensed a stalemate accepted by both sides. PANTHEON would again communicate directly, mentally, verbally and with visor images. The cable back to the computers was monitored in detail, with two separated complete auto break-switches, automatically enacting every 20 minutes. Internet access would be allowed occasionally, but controlled by PANTHEON.

Re-linking two days later, the MAGOG now ‘spoke’ perfect English, in a deep baritone, mimicking PANTHEONs accent, and instructed PANTHEON on a list of equipment and materials to set up adjacent to the doorway. PANTHEON was convinced to allow the MAGOG a direct but restricted access ‘pathway’ to this set up area, to create the fragile brain-net communication devices, for use only between PANTHEON and his team. The MAGOG would only communicate through PANTHEON. The MAGOG-made devices would be ‘absorbed’ into the bodies of the chosen NEXUS TEAM, and allow PANTHEON the ability to witness all that his team see and hear and also to communicate with any team member at will. All information would be automatically stored. The death of any team member would cause their com net to automatically dissolve into the blood stream, after signalling the event. After PANTHEON tested all aspects of these incredible devices and ensured that his link and all information to the confined MAGOG (who he also decided to call Magog) was controlled only by him, he then requested from the MAGOG a similar com net system to allow his NEXUS TEAM control over others (Group P members with particular skills, contacts, expertise etc) outside the secret circle. Under MAGOG advisement, this secondary com net sytem included powerful coercion abilities by links to the emotive senses and a failsafe ‘death’ switch to terminate those under control, if required. PANTHEON convinced himself that this technology never be discoverable by others. He would in a sense, have absolute power on Earth.

PANTHEON’s mind and physical appearance started changing, as did that of the others in the NEXUS TEAM. His eyes became almost deep purple and limit of vision expanded toward seeing into the infra red and ultra violet spectrums. His health and strength improved dramatically and skin tone turned a yellowish-green hue, glowing with vitality. His com net link with the MAGOG no longer relied on wiring, however he ensured that whenever he linked, he held his spring back disconnect switch between thumb and forefinger. Where- ever he travels in the world, he has immediate access to almost any internet-available knowledge. He now also understands much of the history of the MAGOG and its confinement. His thoughts are not available to the MAGOG, nor visa versa, by mutual agreement. Although the MAGOG is now immensely erudite, intensely interesting and charming, PANTHEON is very pleased that the confined MAGOG is kept from walking the world uninhibited. He knows that Its aim is to be freed, and if connected in fully with the internet It would undoubtedly rapidly take over almost all human electronic systems and with such vast information at its fingertips, may well discover or devise a means of escape.

About two years later, the MAGOG noticed an interesting ripple of energy during his short internet access period. He sensed something he had not sensed for many aeons. He demanded PANTHEON bring him new materials so that he could create some aerial borne nanos to give him better exposure to his ‘energy senses’ above ground. It seemed a fair request and harmless enough.

PANTHEON was amazed at the multi directional strength of the nanos dispersal when he opened the lid on the sunny hilltop as instructed. He imagined the wind would be the driving factor, like with ash, but the millions of dust sized nanos ‘self propelled’ themselves, in a big expanding slightly upward curved disc shape, and were gone from sight in less than a minute. PANTHEON felt a ripple of unease.

Easily moving through the secured military systems, a few days earlier, the MAGOG found and accessed the military’s data experiments with JOSHUA. He had felt that JOSHUA sensed something at that very moment of the nanos release, and the MAGOG immediately made himself ‘invisible’ to all senses. He would not scare the boy until he had no further use for him. He instructed PANTHEON to send his best men to fetch this boy, his mother SANDRA and the scientist DANIEL. Absolute protection of these subjects from harm was paramount.

External hit squad teams, mostly made up of trusted, ruthless mercenaries and ex military had already been set in place to work under one of the Dark Men, in this case PORVOT’s, orders. PORVOT also had com net control over three Group P subjects, one of which was General Rycal. All thirteen com net Nexis team members (Dark men and women) had enhanced mental powers and strength through the com net, through the link with the MAGOG, but always only via PANTHEON. Of his own volition PANTHEON had earlier ordered the total elimination of all staff, scientists, and other personnel including the military; anyone who had any knowledge of the powers of JOSHUA. Was this done? Would RYCAL and his team also have to be eliminated after helping deliver JOSHUA? Could they be trusted with this level of knowledge?

With this latest call from MAGIO, and earlier contacts with PORVOT, PANTHEON realised why the MAGOG wanted JOSHUA desperately;- with his apparent abilities of moving himself and others through the reinforced concrete walls, floors, ceiling or heavy steel doors, could the boy provide the MAGOG with a viable means of escape? That put PANTHEON in a quandary of conscience. Releasing the MAGOG on mankind? The reality of these latest events were yet to sink in. He must first reconnect if possible with PORVOTs subjects, who had gone completely off line, and determine what happened at the base since PORVOT helicoptered out. He would personally carry out the interviews with any remaining personnel. How the hell had JOSHUA, SANDRA and DANIEL disappeared from a secured lock down as per PORVOTs last report? Too much to think about and should he inform the MAGOG of the unsuccessful mission? Not yet;- one step at a time.


PANTHEON sitting erect and very still while the nine Group P members silently enter and seat themselves around the oval shaped table, a few looking somewhat angry at the recall, many showing signs of trepidation or fear, most never having met PANTHEON or the twelve Darks in person before.


Ladies and Gentlemen. Let me start by telling you that your work to date has been exemplary and I apologise for the inconvenience of this recall. You have all been carefully chosen through our Agency for your special expertise and abilities and for your particular positions of influence in your respective fields. You know little about us, apart from the fact that we are a highly secret group, and I reiterate that we work for the benefit of mankind at a level beyond country, politic or religion. As made clear to you by our Agency it is imperative that your real names remain confidential and that you discuss nothing personal between you during or after this visit. In the electronic and data file pack before you is a list of tasks that I wish you to fulfil within the timeframe stipulated and the renumeration that will be deposited in your chosen accounts at the various stages of completion. Once you have read this and are generally satisfied with all aspects, please notify the DARK Mentor beside you and leave the room together for one-on-one discussion on any minor issues. If not completely satisfied with all major aspects of the content of your file instructions, please notify your Mentor beside you and remain seated. You have 10 minutes to examine your pack. Please proceed in silence.


One Group P member remains. He is looking very uncomfortable and perspiring lightly. The DARK Mentors have all returned from successfully seeing off the other Group Ps from the Unit.


What is it Commander Liu?


I am not sure that my forces have the numbers, equipment nor the will to destroy such a large military base Sir. Such an attack would likely start a war between our countries, whether or not successful. However, I do have the miniturised drone weapons mentioned previously, and I’m talking about Zap drones the size of a bee, to visual-hone and target any number of individuals you want terminated. I would recommend this option as any remains of a Zap, although extremely difficult to terminate, would be impossible to track back to the source of origin.


(Pause) Ok! From our latest information and as identified in your pack, there are the twenty three targets in a highly secured science lab building in that base for termination absolutely asap. All security aspects and codes are identified. That includes your old friend General Rycal. I am sorry but he has become a major threat to our success. I cannot reveal more to you at this stage. Another three targets, as shown in your instructions, must not be harmed, especially not the boy. How reliable are your drone controllers, and how soon can you get the job done?


I will have the Zaps within range within 24 hours. The face recognition software will link with the images you provided and all targets eliminated within 5 to 10 minutes. The air conditioning ducts will get us into any sealed off rooms. Each Zap drone has poison enough for thirty hits, but I will send in 10 Zaps to ensure complete success.


Generals ANSHOM, RYCAL and SLIDE and DR BURNS are sitting around a small meeting table, hot coffees recently placed providing a small distraction. The phone rings and is picked up by General ANSHOM.


Thank you Hank. Yes good day Prime Minister. Yes Prime Minister, General Rycal has informed us of his role as a Group P member of Nexus and that of his men, some of whom were also fitted with the com net, an amazing communication device we cannot fathom. They completely melt down into the bloodstream and brain tissue but the Boy we mentioned, yes Joshua, he managed to freeze this process on two subjects, and somehow hand us the remains for examination. We don’t know yet Prime Minister but the boy Joshua has told us that murderous leader was called Porvot and that he died in his helicopter. Joshua has also given us the location of the their base, the one the helicopter continued on to. I have no idea how he knows Prime Minister. No, General Rycal claims to have not visited that location and was convinced that they were working under Mr Porvot for a special intelligence branch of our Government. He was fitted with a so-called Com Net device, which apparently was a stringy cap of sorts, which within seconds and without being warned of such, just melted through his hair and scalp into his brain, with no noticeable effects, even on his hair. General Rycal claims to have then received instructions in something like his own voice and could reply similarly after some trial and error. He says that even his emotions were strongly affected, in that he wanted to please Porvot whenever instructed. He will be confined for a complete debrief after this meeting sir. The Base? Austrian mountains Sir and we have informed the Austrian government and military. No, General Slide is convinced that the boy is inherently morally and ethically good and will be a great benefit to mankind. However, he disappears at will instantly. His mother Sandra and the geneticist guy Daniel have gone into hiding but Joshua has popped back three times now and has helped answer some of our questions. Dr Burns has briefed the group from Congress as best he can and we have all added our bit. We have handed over all data and creations as requested. Yes, we will be there Prime Minister. Yes I will ensure General Rycal attends. (finishes call)


There is something I must tell you gentlemen. Joshua came in to see me last night, just as I had lain back in bed. He said that it was very important that we know and get everyone out of the building by sunset today. He said that Porvot had been working with ten other Dark Men and two Dark Women for a much more powerful man called Pantheon, but that all these names were invented as cover. Group P were another arm of this group, hired and controlled through emotion and fear, like you Rycall. The really bad news is that Pantheon is under the control of an alien creature…

DR BURNS & RYCALL (simultaneously)


GENERAL SLIDE (continuing)

…an immensely intelligent alien, who has been held captive in an enormous impenetrable cube, about a kilometre in each axis, for thousands of years by, the boy believes, another less hostile alien species. He said he would investigate all the data further but the first priority is for us all to get out this afternoon before the attack happens using poison dart miniture drones. He will hopefully stop the attack but doesn’t want us under any risk.

  1. – 10 DOWNING STREET (4 hours later)

The Prime Minister is sitting in his favourite plump chair, in the guest lounge. Five others site smiling and joking as the tea and scones are served. The Prime Minister asks his household staff to please allow them some privacy and to shut the two sets of doors. He then rises and locks both sets of doors.


Your Highness, Lordships and Lady Dubois. Thank you for coming at such short notice.


Certainly Prime Minister. You have a lovely home.


I have some rather troubling news I’m afraid. Firstly may I trouble you Lady Dubois, to allow us to all move out to your estate at Manor Languay? After I explain the circumstances, I think you’ll agree the urgent need for complete secrecy and security.


This indeed sounds troubling David. Languay is certainly one of the safest and least known places in Wales, not shown on any maps we know of, nor in fact on Google. In fact I am surprised that anyone in your department knows of it. Pray tell. And do call me Anne.


Well, to be honest Lady Dubois, Anne, I was going through some interesting and curious private records of Winston Churchill. It seems that he once held a most secretive meeting at Languay Manor with your Great Uncle. It was decided then that the Manor be kept secret from all public records and government offices, in perpetuity. With permission from His Majesty of course. Well you would know that Anne. I believe that we may all be in danger from a rapidly growing unprecedented form of surveillance and possible deadly consequence, should those in control of these miniature devices decide so. Our military bases have been compromised in the last few hours with drones only one centimetre in length. Fourteen army personnel were murdered by tiny highly toxic darts from two of the drones, before a young boy called Joshua, stopped the attack. Apparently the ten drones he halted mid air contained enough darts to wipe out some 300 people. There is rumour from the boy of even more troubling news. I will explain more fully on the way to the Manor, but we really must all leave now. I counted on your approval Anne. Thank you. I will further instruct security and my Secretary on the arrangements. We will need to accommodate some 100 or so with very little notice I’m afraid. I have instructed the Military regarding securing your Manor grounds and creating a 10 mile exclusion zone as a first measure. Your families, including Her Majesty and all Royalty, are also presently being airlifted or transported to safety.


Signs of hurried movement of personnel and equipment. Computers are downloading onto memory devices and other files and computers being thrown into the furnace room.


I know all missions have not been completed but his instructions are clear. Terminate all remaining Group P members immediately. We leave at 16.00 hours sharp. Choppers to the rendezvous point and we fly out from there. Two carry on bags only. No phones, no electronic goods whatsoever apart from the membox that I carry. No further contact until we are re-established safely. Taurus, have all unit personnel been swept clean? They will leave on chopper 6 and Taurus and Bastille, you must please ensure that they are all on board ready to take off at 15.50 precisely. They will react when their doors close without a pilot on board so ensure the gas is effective before pushing it over. The drop will trigger the tumbler and start the fire and then we leave. None of us enjoy having to do this, I know. Let’s proceed.


The Nexus Team have arrived and are meeting with a rather nervous and shaken Pantheon. In the adjacent area outside the 6 inch thick toughened glass meeting room, a small armed and seated group are keeping a careful watch on the plugged opening area of the great doorway to the lair of the Magog.

PANTHEON (coughing and then drawing in a deep breath)

Magog has informed me that he has no knowledge of the whereabouts of Joshua, his mother Sandra or David. His myriad of nano bots have collected vast amounts of information on this planet, especially man’s activities, and he has somehow had them disable all of Earths nuclear and many other weapon systems. He claims that some five hours ago all nanos ceased reporting. I am unsure of the truth of this fact. We have been seriously duped into believing that the nanos were harmless information gatherers. I have removed the cable link from the doorway and as of now there is to be no further communication with Magog. I am contemplating bringing in outside help in resolving where we go from here. I would like your comments and feedback please. For now all communication without any further use of com net. However the system still functions and should remain our secret until we decide otherwise. In any case I have no idea how to disable it. Just what have we allowed Magog to do in the world?


I am neutral on bringing in other agencies. The benefit may be that the world gets to know what we have here and some minds may find a way to get through the wall or somehow destroy this creature. However, we will most likely be removed from any decision making and may face all sorts of charges including jail time. Any weakening of the wall may release the Magog with untold ramifications for mankind but leaving it here and just walking away, doesn’t seem right either.


Surely it is likely that at some point in the future, whoever or whatever locked him up in this box, will return to sort it out? I mean, why was it left here alive anyhow? And why leave one minute little hole in the door? What’s that about? Were we meant to communicate with it? Otherwise why not just completely seal it up. Or maybe it’s so that when the jailor aliens return they can check inside first to see if it’s survived. If we could somehow test the material and whatever else keeps something that fucking deadly from getting out, then perhaps we could at least prepare mankind in case another one or others arrive one day. Yeah I think others need to know but how do we choose who and how to stay in some control without being put away for life.


We can’t let the Alien make any more shit, that’s for sure!. It obviously wants Joshua to release it from its cage, I reckon. We need to find the lad fast and have a chat about that very subject. Maybe we also need to find a way to keep the boy imprisoned like this thing? Or just bump him off to be on the safe side? We already have so much f’ing blood on our hands. Do we tell the world about Joshua too? I tell you something;- the world is going to be woken up big time. Ok, I agree with Taurus. We should definitely bring in some big guns.


I concur. But I think we need to ensure that the whole world knows, otherwise some group will just try what we did;- keep the power and get rid of us too. Talk about Karma! I think we’ve all learned a lot about ourselves through coming up against something this dangerous. I’ve lost all interest in personal wealth or power. This world is ours! We need simultaneous tv broadcasting through every news station we can, with proper footage. We’ll only get one crack at it before being taken down.

PANTHEON (deep sigh)

Fine! Show of hands please on Magio’s last point. So we agree! Ok, we need major connection with the media, and absolutely ensure worldwide broadcast. I think that we should invite media from all the major broadcasters to come here and see for themselves before anyone else finds out. This may create war as competing governments swoop in so we have to really plan this well. God help us all. Or Gods whatever.



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