About Anthony

Anthony John Williams. Born 03.12.1951, Durban, South Africa. Email:- antwilly001@gmail.com

Main Interests and Aims

  • I hope that you will enjoy looking at my ideas and opinions about so many things on this site, and openly and freely share with others anything you may find of interest. I also enjoy writing and would enjoy your feedback.
  • I think for myself, stirred by lateral thinking, from bits of information that come my way in life, and do not profess any great in-depth study of work by others. However, often I will draw conclusions or hypothesize against the generally accepted norm, especially in fields where so much is unknown, no matter how much one has studied academically and may proclaim great wisdom in these fields. I believe that my theories have merit, especially in areas such as my considerations regarding ‘Hollow Earth’, ‘Black Holes’, ‘Big Bang’ (where the most distant galaxies are theoretically moving away fastest), which I question, hopefully with food for thought.
  • Over many years I have had a deep interest in ancient civilisation and unexplained sites such as the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Avebury, Angkor Watt etc, reading books by Ralph Ellis and Graham Hancock (refer my article The Ant 1000 Divine Cube, on Graham Hancock’s website, in which I have discovered an underlying three-dimensional solid cube pattern of numbers 1 to 9, originating from the two-dimensional Persian Magic Square. I then discovered some very interesting mathematical links between these sites and sacred information deliberately passed down through history) .
  • I have considered various aspects of Life and the Universe as a layman, including thoughts on light, gravity, the ‘intelligent blueprint’ communicating energy underlying life and matter on Earth, which I have explained on this website.
  • I invented and put in a patent application for Levitation By Vacuum many years back and have had ideas on many other inventive concepts around invisibility camouflage, anti-gravity testing, solar and sea driven forms of power, and numerous other ideas since a young man, many of which have been similarly thought of or discovered by others also.

Brief history.

  • Born 4th child of British parents who adventurously travelled from the UK in 1945, shortly after the war, in a large boat the family fitted out called the Zootan.
  • As youngsters we moved to various parts of South Africa, Rhodesia when I was 4, Zululand, Natal, the Transvaal etc. By the time I left South Africa at the age of 32, I had lived in 48 different locations.
  • Primary Schools were Empangeni Primary, Zululand and Chelsea Road Primary in Durban North. High Schools were Northlands Boys High in Durban North and Maritzburg College in Pietermaritzburg, Natal.
  • I sang in the school choir, loved athletics, was a marching school drummer and learned fencing with foil, sabre and epee in Northlands High, was in the Maritzburg College shooting team and played cricket and rugby. I loved reading science fiction, writing imaginative essays, painting and sculptures in school art classes and enjoyed dreaming of inventions especially in science class.
  • After my school Matric in 1968, I became a Fighter Controller, Second Lieutenant at the age of 17 in the South African Airforce 1969.
  • The following year I went to Natal University to study Architecture over the following 7 years.
  • I practised as an Architect and was Chartered member of various Institutes, including the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, and the Royal Institute of British Architects. I worked in South Africa, Australia and the UK .
  • I have three wonderful sons and a step-daughter living in Australia and eight grandchildren. I have done various courses in sculpture, ceramics and fine art over the years and even a Celta course to teach English to foreign students, after retiring from full time architecture.

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