The Searchers – movie/ story idea

Created by Anthony Williams, born 03 dec 1951 Durban, South Africa.


The Searchers: Movie and book script


First Draft for movie script


Scene 1: Discovery Earth


Searcher spheres sent out into space toward probable life support systems.

Opening scene for movie: Deep background tones of anticipation: background flare and view ahead as spheres speed through space but space to look different as per sphere receiving mass technical input on periphery ‘screens’ and changing input views. This to last for about three seconds.

Next scene shows a number of the shimmering spheres moving across grasslands and through foliage, moving under water avoiding predators with ease; view held for a few silent moments (from sphere but as per our vision for clarity) looking into the intelligent and piercing eyes of an ape.

Next scene is the blurb of intercommunication between the spheres as they rise in unison, group high in the atmosphere and head directly for the sun. A segment screen shows approach of the correct segment position and proximity to the sun for release burst of the information gathered back to the searchers home world. At position the spheres flatten out to thin sheets and burst into light to ride the light from the sun directly back to their world; this is shown as a very fast and smooth action; i.e. the transition from sphere to information burst captured and transported by the suns light.

Next scene shows the download of the gathered information from earth on the Searchers ‘screens’ causing great excitement. Communication between searchers is instant and electronically aided mind to mind (this is important to show and has great relevance for the events at the tower of Babel later). There are various levels of communication to allow privacy between any number or all to access primary or urgent information. This can be shown as a peripheral light to switch in to the ‘news’ being broadcast etc.

The information download can be shown as pictures showing DNA, graphs of molecular structures of evolved life, as well as atmospheric, water, and solids compositions. This should also be a scene lasting only a short period but putting the message across to the viewers. There is an expression of major life threatening catastrophic events of the planets past (earth) and predictions for the future The aim of the Searchers is to find and protect all life found in the known universe for the hoped return of the Originator(s) who had seeded all known life. Three ships are sent for the long one way voyage to earth. Some characters should be introduced at this point, mainly the twelve Searchers with their longevity support systems, equipment and robotic aids. Names indicative of some myth or religious gods should be used such as Jova, Osrus, etc.


Section 2: Arrival and assimilation


Section 3: Mankind alone and awaiting the return


Section 4: Discovery


Section 5: The Last battle


Section 6: The Return of the Progenitors


Section 7: New Mankind and the Purpose



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